Solar Sustainability

Embrace a happier, healthier future for us and the planet. 

Solar is about rethinking energy to make it more affordable, clean, and efficient.

At Lumina Solar, we believe a brighter future for our planet is possible, and that solar will help us get there. It's time to embrace the sun.

Save Money, Save the Planet

Not only is solar a more affordable energy alternative, it is an essential tool in battling climate change and reducing pollution. 

Solar Facts at a Glance

2 Billion Trees

That’s the number of trees that store as much carbon as the emissions reduced by the U.S. solar industry. 

A Growing Sector

The solar industry is only growing, and its growth serves to make the entire process more affordable. Local environments are being reimagined as greener spaces and healthier communities through green energy technology. 

An Expansive
Job Market

Year Over Year Growth Residential Solar Growth in 2021
0 %
Of New Clean Energy Projects in 2021 Were Solar
0 %
The Number of States With Active Solar Industries

See the Difference from One Year of Solar

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