2021 Will Redefine Renewables in the US

2021 Will Redefine Renewables in the US

While Election news and the COVID-19 Pandemic have wreaked havoc on the US economy, 2021 is beginning with a surge on renewable energy. The promise of a Green New Deal, the hope of rejoining the Paris Agreement, and an overall worldwide commitment to carbon neutrality are giving all renewable energies a jumps-start to a new year.

We’ve literally seen firsthand that US stay at home orders have decreased the overall air pollution contribution. There are literally places in this world where people are seeing blue skies for the first time ever.

The United States broke multiple records with Residential Solar in 2020, the industry saw the largest drop-off from installations in quarter 2, but then also saw a bounce back with a total of 19 gigawatts of total solar panel installations by the end of the year…that’s enough power for a small country!

On top of the pandemic, the US was also hit with multiple natural disasters that have drastically seen an increase in Solar interest. Wildfires, tornados, earthquakes and hurricanes have all contributed to the mindset of self sufficient power and battery back-up systems.

The reality is quite simple – Solar is easily the most prominent renewable to benefit from growth.

This is because:

  • Solar is a more feasible solution for individual homeowners.
  • Solar is more cost effective for individual homeowners.
  • Solar offers more longevity for individual homeowners.

If you’re interested in Solar for your home it is important that you understand that not all homes or homeowners are the same. What worked for your neighbor may not work for you. Also, it is important to research a company that is legitimate, has experience with your unique situation and the patience to ensure that your system is custom built for your individual power needs.

At Lumina Solar we stand behind our work with the Solar2.0 Pledge

  1. We will consistently use the best technology to make sure that your system fits your wants/needs.
  2. We will work effortlessly to make sure we’re using the best possible products with the best warranties to build your specific system.
  3. We will blow you away with our customer service and attention to details. We want you to reap the rewards, not be bothered with paperwork or permits. Let us do what we do best, exceed expectations.

We’re the highest rated Solar installer in Maryland and one of the top in the nation (even though we only operate in 2 states).

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