4 Facts You NEED to Know About Solar Panels

4 Facts You NEED to Know About Solar Panels

Although solar energy has become more accessible than ever before, the concepts and inner workings behind it are still pretty misunderstood by society at large. If you have questions about solar panels, you aren’t alone.

facts about solar panels

In this post, we’ll break down the basics and touch on some critical pieces of information that everyone should know before making the switch to renewable energy.

1. You’ll Still be Connected to the Utility Grid

There’s a common misconception out there that “going green” with where you source your energy automatically equates to going off the grid.

While off-grid systems have a variety of benefits of their own, they aren’t necessary to have a positive impact on the environment.

Did you know that grid-connected solar panels have the power to offset nearly half of a household’s carbon emissions? To put that into perspective, you would need to plant approximately 150 trees every year to have the same impact.

2. Your Panels Will Slightly Over/Under Produce Energy

Your panels will rarely produce the exact amount of energy needed to cover your usage each month, which is why your utility company will still send you a statement.

However, the over and under production balances out naturally and still equates to spending little to no money on electricity. On the months that your panels overproduce, you will be given a credit that can be applied to the balance that you owe during the months that your panels slightly under produce.

3. You Won’t Have to Take on Debt to Purchase Equipment

The push to get more people switching to renewable energy has made solar panels cheaper than they’ve ever been. On top of that, companies like ours offer a variety of payment options that require zero money down while allowing you to reap the benefits of solar energy right away.

When you work with us, your options will include:

  • Purchasing your equipment outright
  • Solar Loan
  • Solar PPA

To learn more about how our payment methods work, click here.

4. Your Panels Will Provide Energy for Decades to Come

Even panels that receive only basic cleaning and maintenance last well into the double digits.

Solar manufacturers today are able to create higher quality panels for far less money than what was required in the past. On average, today’s panels are lasting about 25 years before their energy output declines to the point where they need to be replaced.

If you’re ready to see for yourself, but still have more questions that need answering, check out our FAQs guide.It will help to steer you in the right direction. Contact us today to get started. 

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