Is Solar Energy Part Of Your New Year’s Resolution?

Is Solar Energy Part Of Your New Year’s Resolution?

The days of solar panels being a novelty for those with deep pockets are long gone. Today, switching to renewable sources of energy is practically a necessity- and likely one that you’ll be happy to get behind once you learn about all of the benefits that sources like solar have to offer.

There are many of them, and if you ask someone in your neighborhood that has already made the switch, they’ll likely start rolling them off quicker than you can take them in.

In this post, we’re touching on a few of the key reasons why you should let solar power fuel your new decade.

Reason 1: Good For The Environment and Your Body

At this point, there has been a fair bit of discussion about how solar energy can have an incredibly powerful impact on reducing Co2 emissions. As we move forward, it will continue to play a key role in fighting climate change and maintaining the health of our environment.

Did you know that solar energy is having a powerful impact on health as well? A study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that an increase in solar energy usage would reduce respiratory issues like bronchitis as well as cardiovascular complications .

How? Simply by reducing the concentration of known irritants like nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide from the air.

Reason 2: Slicing Down Utility Bills

There are big savings to be had by those who invest in solar energy. The average american household pays a whopping $2,000 every single year on energy!

When you take into account that solar panels typically last upwards of twenty years, most solar users in Maryland are estimated to save upwards of $23,000 in utility costs over the next two decades alone.

That estimate is before taking into account any tax credits.

Reason 3: With Solar, You Have More Control

Solar panels give homeowners more control over their energy than was ever previously possible. When you choose solar, you are drastically reducing your reliance on foreign entities for fossil fuels, and that’s just the beginning.

When you pair your solar panels with devices such as the Tesla Powerwall, you can even monitor and optimize your production in real-time right from your mobile device.

Reason 4: It’s More Accessible Than Ever

Since the year 2014, the costs of solar panels have dropped by about 50%! As the efficiency in production continues to increase, we will likely continue to see drops in pricing. When you pair the new and improved costs associated with solar energy with the numbers payment options available there’s truly something for everyone.

When you choose to work with Lumina, you’ll find that most of our plans require zero money down, so you can get started with reaping the benefits right away!

We treat every new customer thinking of going solar with total dedication to ensure that they’re getting the absolute best experience possible all across the board.

If you’re ready to ring in the new year right, we’ll make getting started simple with a free quote and consultation!

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