Choosing the Right Solar Installer in Maryland

With solar energy being an investment that will continue to benefit you year after year, choosing the right solar installers is crucial to ensuring that your solar panels reach their expected lifespan and maintain their optimal energy output. Finding a solar installer that retains your best interests throughout the entire process does not need to […]

What Is the Maryland Residential Clean Energy Program?

Converting your home to solar energy brings the obvious benefits of a reduced carbon footprint and lower, or even eliminated monthly energy bills. That consideration alone has convinced millions of American homeowners to make the smart switch to solar. However, there is still a desire from the government to push more people to increase their […]

Green Energy News Round-Up for January 2023

As we start 2023, the push for the use of clean and renewable energy continues to grow. Across the globe, governments and corporations are increasingly converting their energy infrastructure toward climate neutrality and zero carbon emissions. One of the leading forms of green energy is solar, as it is being implemented on a massive scale. […]

How Much Money Do Solar Panels in Harrisburg PA Save You?

As a homeowner, energy costs can become a going concern for your monthly budget. Your price can be determined by location, the amount of energy consumed that month, and seasonal or new price hikes by the utility company. Thankfully, there is a way to not only gain your independence from the utility company but also […]

Maryland SRECs: How the Solar Incentive Works

It is no secret that making the switch to solar energy comes with an abundance of financial savings. With the lower energy bill and solar incentives, Maryland SRECs are another valuable opportunity to maximize your solar savings. SRECs or solar renewable energy credits are a way for companies to reach their renewable energy quotas without […]

5 Advantages of Commercial Solar Installation in Montgomery County

Running a business requires a lot more than just providing the service or product that you are selling. It requires having all of the supporting factors such as accounting, internal software, a commercial building, and energy to power it all. When it comes to operating a commercial business, the energy demands can be immense, depending […]

Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Washington DC

It is no secret that more homeowners have been making the smart switch to clean and renewable energy and have been enjoying all of the benefits that come with it. If you’ve observed this trend as a business owner, you may have wondered how the implementation of solar benefits a commercial business. With a business, […]

Maryland SRECs: Pricing and Solar Alternative Compliance Payments

Converting your home or business to solar energy comes with a variety of benefits, from monthly energy savings to reducing your carbon footprint. But, did you know that you can also earn income from the extra electricity that your solar panel system produces? With Maryland SRECs, you can currently make $77 per extra megawatt hour […]

Lumina Solar Named Top Workplace by The Baltimore Sun

Lumina recently had the honor of being chosen in The Baltimore Sun’s top workplaces for 2022. At Lumina Solar, we strive to provide all of our employees with an exceptional work environment and career development.   By working together, we provide reliable solutions that help home and business owners save money on their monthly energy bills […]

Green Energy News Round-Up October 2022

The necessity for a global transition to clean and renewable energy continues to become more crucial, as global events from the past few months have shown us. With a growing demand for renewable energy sources, governments across the globe are increasingly becoming more aware of the impact that reliance on fossil fuels has on their […]