Autumn Is A Busy Time For Solar.

Now that summer is over and cooler months lay ahead, you may think that electricity bills will drop. You’re right. That’s why it’s not so obvious to want to go green with solar in your residence or commercial space. However, there are good reasons why we see a surge in solar uptake during the fall. Experts, such as Lumina Solar, who have been in the industry for years, advise that the fall is the perfect time to install solar PV systems. This article will expound on three top reasons why you should adopt solar during this season.

Solar Panels Are More Efficient in Cooler Temperatures

It is a fact that cooler temperatures increase the energy production potential of solar panels. They are much more efficient in temperatures around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. A good example is how Germany, despite having significantly fewer sunshine hours than most countries in the world, has the highest solar output. Remember, solar panels run on sunlight, not the sun’s heat.

Lower Electric Use Could Offset The Cold Winter Months

One of the most expensive seasons for electricity is winter, which comes right after fall. Therefore, setting up a net metering system with your utility company to bank excess energy production is certainly in your best interest. It will offset the rising energy costs from the in-coming cold winter months.

Cooler Months Are Ideal for Quicker Installation

Many solar PV system installation companies such as Lumina Solar, get quite busy during the fall. This is because the preceding summer season affects the rate of work due to high temperatures, and the coming season after fall, sees a lot more people wanting to set up solar in good time for winter. Besides, cooler temperatures make it much easier for technicians to work faster.

From financial perks to time savings, fall is the best time to go solar. Reach out to Lumina Solar. We’ll help you get started.

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