New Project: Eagle’s Crossing Community Solar

How can solar energy benefit an entire community? Recently, Lumina Solar has had the amazing opportunity to work with the Pepco Company in supplying Eagle’s Crossing Apartments in Washington D.C with a CREF solar system. This system is classified as a “Community Renewable Energy Facility” or CREF and residents are able to benefit from it […]

Celebrating the Lumina Solar Team at Our Annual BBQ

To build an exceptional company, you need exceptional people in place. Since our inception, we’ve strived to ensure everyone we bring on is as passionate and driven as the rest of us. Whenever we have the opportunity to gather and celebrate as one group, we take it. Recently, we were fortunate enough to host a […]

Lumina Solar v. The Other Guys: Our Maryland Advantage

The solar energy industry is growing by leaps and bounds, which is good news for both the environment and consumers. When you’re choosing your solar provider (or many other providers) there’s always something to be said for going local. How often do you make purchasing decisions based on the location of the vendor or service […]

Lumina Goes Above & Beyond:3 Ways We Make Going Solar Easier Than Ever

At this point, it probably goes without saying that not all solar energy companies are created equal. Some are just in the business to profit on the increased demand, and there are those (like us) who are genuinely passionate about all of the benefits that solar panels have to offer – and not just for […]

Is Solar A Good Investment?

One of the most often asked questions by customers when they think about making a purchase is the same: How much is this going to cost?

Autumn Is A Busy Time For Solar.

Now that summer is over and cooler months lay ahead, you may think that electricity bills will drop. You’re right. That’s why it’s not so obvious to want to go green with solar in your residence or commercial space. However, there are good reasons why we see a surge in solar uptake during the fall. […]

Solar Rebates and Incentives in Virginia

Virginia State Legislature is making huge strides to shift towards clean energy thanks to the Clean Economy Act. The Act fundamentally requires that, by 2050, all energy powering the state be from clean sources. In regard to solar power specifically, the Act has set a target to generate more than 2,000 megawatts of new power […]