New Project: Eagle’s Crossing Community Solar

New Project: Eagle’s Crossing Community Solar

How can solar energy benefit an entire community? Recently, Lumina Solar has had the amazing opportunity to work with the Pepco Company in supplying Eagle’s Crossing Apartments in Washington D.C with a CREF solar system. This system is classified as a “Community Renewable Energy Facility” or CREF and residents are able to benefit from it using a subscription-based model to receive a credit on their Pepco energy bills for their portion of the energy produced by the CREF. Subscriptions come in the form of shares and will be valued at how much energy their share of the CREF produced. 

Building Community Through Solar Power

Being able to provide an entire community with the opportunity to source their electricity from clean and renewable solar energy is something that drives Lumina Solar to do the work that we do. Thankfully, the Council of the District of Columbia has made it possible with their Community Renewable Energy Act of 2013, which allows community net metering and CREFs to be facilitated in the District of Columbia. 

As a continuing effort of Lumina Solar to provide renewable solar energy, we are excited to be a part of a project that will serve the entire Eagles Crossing community. As we progress on this major undertaking, we will keep you informed on how the project develops and evolves over time!

What Is Community Solar?

Community solar projects empower localities to take energy independence into their own hands. The CREF program provides for even more choice, allowing for cost-sharing while not locking in those who don’t wish to participate. Community solar projects are an excellent way to bring neighbors and local businesses together and can reap dividends for all involved for years to come.

A Cleaner Future Ahead

If you are interested in becoming a part of the growing movement to convert your home or business to clean and renewable solar energy, Lumina Solar is your comprehensive solution to going solar. Our team of solar representatives will work closely with you to determine a solar plan and array that will work best for your unique situation. Contact us today to get started!

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