Solar Panels in Lehigh Valley PA: How Much Power Do They Generate?

Solar Panels in Lehigh Valley PA: How Much Power Do They Generate?

If you are interested in making the switch to clean and renewable solar energy, it is crucial to consider how much power is required to keep your home or business functioning at its highest capacity. To find that out, you must first understand how much power solar panels in Lehigh Valley PA will generate. From there, you will be able to formulate a personalized plan with your solar provider to reach your energy goals. By understanding wattage, what affects solar panel efficiency, and how to get the most power out of your solar panel system you can accurately calculate how much power your solar panels in Lehigh PA will generate.

How Much Power Solar Panels are Able to Generate

Determining how much power a solar panel is able to generate varies by the different brands that make them. Naturally, more expensive panels have a higher efficiency rate when compared to less expensive ones. On average, modern solar panels produce 320 watts per panel on average under ideal conditions, with other options ranging from 300-400 watts. The efficiency of a solar panel is the amount of sunlight that is converted into usable electricity and it determines how much power it will be able to generate. Typically, the majority of solar panels operate with a 14% – 23% efficiency but this can be affected by a variety of factors. The average U.S household will require a 6.62 kW solar system to be able to supply the average yearly household energy usage of 9,000 kWh. If 320-watt solar panels are used, a total of 21 panels would be required to supply sufficient energy.   

Watt is Wattage?

Wattage is used to determine the amount of energy that your solar panels can produce under optimal conditions. Wattage is calculated by multiplying the amps by the volts. The relation between wattage and the size of the solar panel can often be confusing due to the disparity between the two factors. A relatively small solar panel that is considered highly efficient would not have as high of a wattage rating due to its smaller size whereas a larger panel that has a lower efficiency rating would not be considered to have a high wattage. When determining which solar panels are right for you, it is important to remember the relationship between size and wattage and select panels that work for your situation. 

How to Maximize your Solar Panels Output

Before setting out to maximize your solar panel’s output, you must first be aware of the variables that go into increasing or reducing the output. The three main factors that are in your control are temperature sensitivity, shading, and the efficiency of the panels that you choose. All of your decisions regarding your solar panel system should be based on the climate and conditions of your current location. For example, if you are somewhere that does not receive an abundance of sunlight, you may want to consider paying more for higher-efficiency panels as they will stand to save you more in the long run. If you live in an area that experiences cold climates and snow storms, be aware when your panels become covered in ice or snow as this will decrease the output that they are able to produce. The size of your roof’s available surface area is another important factor that will dictate how many panels you are able to attach to it. If you have a smaller roof, higher-efficiency panels may be required to meet your energy needs. When installing solar panels in Lehigh Valley PA, the size of the system is paramount to the return on investment of the solar panel system. If the system is too big then the owners will not receive additional benefits from net metering. If it is too small, the owner will not meet their energy demand and will end up paying unnecessary costs for energy from the grid.  

Professional Solar Installation in Lehigh Valley PA

Formulating a plan for your solar panel system that fits not only your roof but also meets your energy requirements is critical to the success of switching to solar. At Lumina Solar, our solar representatives will work closely with you to determine the perfect solar panel array to match your home or business energy needs. As the mid-Atlantic region’s top solar installer, we are confident in our ability to facilitate an expert solar panel installation. If you are looking for professional installation for solar panels in Lehigh Valley PA, look no further than Lumina Solar. Call or contact our team to get in touch with one of our solar representatives today!

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