Green Energy News Round-Up for January 2023

Green Energy News Round-Up for January 2023

As we start 2023, the push for the use of clean and renewable energy continues to grow. Across the globe, governments and corporations are increasingly converting their energy infrastructure toward climate neutrality and zero carbon emissions. One of the leading forms of green energy is solar, as it is being implemented on a massive scale. With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, European countries are making major strides to dampen their reliance on Russian oil and are looking toward more sustainable ways to generate electricity. To gain a better understanding of where solar stands in this push toward renewable energy, let’s check out some of the recent developments in green energy around the world

Solution for Green Energy’s Lack Of Electricians

A major problem that the U.S. has encountered is a severe lack of electricians who would otherwise be the skilled workers required to make the transition to clean and renewable energy. The Civilian Climate Corps, located in New York, provides a dual-purpose solution. They have already begun to provide electrician training and job opportunities to low-income neighborhoods that have been affected by gun violence. The group provides a pathway to starting a career as an electrician and filling the void of qualified electricians. New York has the ambitious goal of having all of its new buildings fully powered by electricity by 2027 and to do that they desperately need to increase the number of qualified electricians. Thankfully, the Civilian Climate Corps offers a solution that also grants career opportunities to disadvantaged workers.

Ford To Make Massive Addition to Solar Power Plant in Spain

Ford remains committed to its goal of achieving carbon neutrality across its European facilities by 2035 through the addition of a massive 2.8 MW solar panel installation to their manufacturing facilities in Valencia, Spain. Currently, all of the electric energy used in the Almussafes Ford plant is sourced from clean energy. Ford is increasing its electric vehicle production, transitioning its suppliers to clean energy, and implementing the use of solar power plants to achieve its goal of 100% carbon neutrality across all of its facilities worldwide by 2050. 

Zambia Signs Solar Development Pact With UAE Worth $2 Billion

Recently, the southern African country of Zambia signed a $2 billion agreement with the United Arab Emirates to build solar power plants that will increase Zambia’s energy production by half. They plan to develop solar power plants capable of adding 2000 MW to Zambia’s energy supply. One of the country’s main generators of energy, the hydroelectric plant at Kariba dam, has recently experienced drastically decreased water levels, leading to a significant decrease in energy production and blackouts across the country. With the major funding provided by the UAE, Zambia looks forward to a bright, solar-powered future.   

A Solar Firm In Madagascar Secured Funding To Connect 50,000 Households To Solar Energy

An off-grid solar company in Madagascar, WeLight, recently received over $20 million in funding to provide 50,000 homes with solar-generated electricity over the next two years. They are targeting the nation’s rural population who are currently not connected to the nation’s electricity grid. In their plan, they are striving to provide off-grid solar solutions to 120 rural villages as they successfully did in a test phase with mini-grids in Mali back in 2021. This move will further provide evidence that solar energy can be utilized in even the most remote regions of the world. 

U.S Teams Up With UAE To Fund $20 Billion Towards 15 gw Of New Clean Energy

As part of the United States and UAE’s $100 billion clean energy partnership, it was recently announced that the first $20 billion will go toward funding renewable energy projects, capable of producing 15 gigawatts, before 2035. Leading the funding is UAE’s government-owned renewable energy company, Masdar. The remaining funding will be provided by a combination of private U.S. investors and U.S. debt financing. This allocation of funds is a huge step in the right direction toward reaching global carbon neutrality. 

Green Tech Investors Look To US Says Yara CEO

Yara CEO Svein Tore Holsether recently expressed his concern about Europe’s lack of financial incentives toward a collective transition to green energy. In his comments, he mentioned how the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 provides some of the strongest incentives that are attracting European companies to move their operations to the United States. This poses a threat to Europe’s ability to reach its goal of meeting its 2030 emissions target, as well as losing out on valuable industrial companies to the United States. If European countries hope to mirror the success that the U.S. has found in encouraging companies to convert to clean energy sources, they must begin implementing a similar level of financial incentives.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Professional Solar Installation

As the world scrambles to find green energy solutions on a global scale, you can still do your part to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying the benefit of lowering, or even eliminating, your monthly energy bill. At Lumina Solar, we make the transition to renewable solar energy simple and easy by providing transparent guidance throughout the entire process. Our solar representatives will ensure that you take advantage of every solar incentive available to you so that you can maximize your savings. Call or contact Lumina Solar today to take the first steps in your solar journey! 

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