How Commercial Solar in Pennsylvania Saves You Money

How Commercial Solar in Pennsylvania Saves You Money

It’s no secret that converting your home to solar energy is a great way to save money, but how does solar energy benefit the commercial sphere? With a commercial operation, the capital that is generated is often reliant on the consistent electricity supplied by the local energy provider. With solar energy, you can not only gain energy independence but also save a significant amount of money while doing it. Lumina Solar has put together a comprehensive list of exactly how commercial solar in Pennsylvania can save your business its hard-earned money so that you can make the conversion to clean and renewable energy with confidence.

Protection From Power Outages

If your commercial business is reliant on a consistent flow of electricity to keep operations running, a power outage means that you could potentially miss out on valuable income. To avoid this altogether, solar energy can be paired with solar batteries. These batteries ensure that the extra energy produced by your solar panels is stored for instances like a power outage where your business will remain operational due to the energy stored in the batteries. With solar energy, you gain energy independence and will never have to rely on your energy supplier again.

Federal Investment Tax Credit

With the availability of solar incentives, going solar becomes even more affordable. While some states offer their own set of incentives, the one that contains the most savings is the federal investment tax credit (or ITC). With the ITC, solar owners can claim a percentage of the cost of their solar systems and receive a tax credit. Currently, systems installed between 2022 to 2032 can receive 30% of their solar cost back in tax rebates. There is currently no maximum amount that can be claimed so the bigger the solar system, the more you will save. For commercial businesses that require large amounts of PV panels to power their operations, the ITC can result in immense savings. Pairing this solar incentive with the other incentives available to you makes commercial solar in Pennsylvania even more affordable and beneficial to your business.

Green Businesses Attract Customers Who Share Your Values

Installing commercial solar in Pennsylvania on your business does more than just save you money on your electric bills, it also promotes your business’s environmental values. With the growing concern about climate change, people are looking to businesses that share their concern for the environment. This added edge against your commercial competitors will draw more customers to your business which means more profit. 

Commercial Solar in Pennsylvania: The Bottomline

Converting your business to clean and renewable energy can benefit your commercial operations in many ways, especially in financial savings. Not only will your business be able to continue operating in a power outage with solar batteries but you will also save on your installation costs with the ITC. Additionally, you will gain the benefit of giving your business an environmentally friendly reputation, which will attract customers who share the same green energy values. With several opportunities to save money and increase profits, solar is a highly advantageous option for your commercial business.

Expert Commercial Solar Installation

If you are looking for a professional team of solar providers to install commercial solar in Pennsylvania on your business, look no further than Lumina Solar. Our team of solar specialists will determine a plan for a solar system that will meet your business’s energy demands and ensure that you maximize your solar savings. With our variety of solar payment plans, you can decide how you pay for your solar. Reach out to Lumina Solar today to take the first steps in your journey toward clean and renewable solar energy.

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