How to Prepare Your Home for Solar Panel Installation in Lancaster PA

How to Prepare Your Home for Solar Panel Installation in Lancaster PA

Preparation is key when going green and switching over to renewable solar energy. Deciding what will work for both your financial and residential situation is a crucial step in going solar. There are a variety of factors that go into properly implementing a solar panel system in your home and they should all be carefully considered before starting the installation process. Having taken these preliminary measures will ensure that the solar system installed in your home matches your specific requirements. Here’s how to prepare your home for solar panel installation in Lancaster PA. 

Determine What Options Are Right For You

Before beginning any sort of product implementation, be sure to figure out what your home requires and what can be placed on the roof of the home. Each home is unique in dimensions and available sunlight, meaning that the solar plans should be custom tailored to fit your home. Discuss these options with your solar provider to determine what options will work best for you.

How Much Power Does Your Home Need

The first thing that needs to be considered is how much power your home consumes and how much power you are trying to draw from your solar system. Finding out your average power consumption lays the foundation for deciding what size solar system you should go with. Once you figure out how much power you require, you can start to explore how much sunlight is available.

Solar Maps

Solar maps are a tool used to show how much sunlight is available in an area at a specific time. The amount of harvestable sunlight varies by location and a solar system should be chosen based on how much sunlight is available. Ask your solar consultant to assist you with solar maps to best utilize your home’s available solar potential. 

Finance Options

Once you have decided on how much power your home requires and how much sunlight is available to you, finance options and incentives are the next to be explored. There exist several finance options to choose from. For example, Lumina Solar offers three options for financing solar. A solar loan allows one to install solar panels with a $0 down payment and low-interest rates, resulting in the eventual ownership of the system. A solar power purchase agreement or PPA is where the developer handles the design, financing, permitting, and installation at little to no cost to the customer. Predictable payments will be made towards the power generated at a fixed kW per hour, saving you on your monthly energy bill. The final is the outright purchase of your system which grants immediate ownership and energy savings.


Solar incentives are a way to maximize your savings with solar energy. Solar panel installation in Lancaster PA comes with several local incentives such as SRECs and net metering. Be sure to discuss all of the available incentives that you qualify for with your solar provider. 

Permits and Approvals

Once you have formulated a solar plan, it is time to begin applying for approvals and permits. These can differ between locations and homeowners associations but are relatively straightforward. Your solar provider should be able to supply you with the necessary documentation. Once permits and approvals are attained, the next step is preparing your home for solar installation in Lancaster PA. 

Preparing Your Home

Now that the paperwork is complete and your home meets the initial requirements to install a solar system, physically preparing your home for installation comes next.

Home Structure

A professional inspection of the home’s structure should be conducted to determine if the roof can withstand the weight of the solar system. The dimensions of the roof’s surface area should also be measured to determine what size the solar system should be and if it meets your energy requirements. Be sure to consult with your solar team about whether or not there are any structural issues with your home that wouldn’t make going solar viable. 

Repair or Replace Roof

Before having a solar system installed on your roof, have a professional inspect the quality of your roof and determine if it needs to be replaced or repaired. Taking care of this before installation avoids the headache of the inevitable roof repair years down the road which would require removal and reinstallation of the solar system. Thankfully, Lumina Solar has partnered with Fusion Roof to work as a solution to this problem, however, it is much easier to deal with this before installation.

Solar Installation in Lancaster PA You Can Rely On

Once you have completed the previously mentioned steps, you are ready to have your solar panel installed. The preparation for solar installation in Lancaster PA may seem to be a bit cumbersome. Fortunately, Lumina Solar is your all-inclusive solution for everything solar. Our solar representatives will work closely with you to ensure that every step of the preparation process is properly handled. To get started on your journey to converting to clean and renewable solar energy, call or contact Lumina Solar today!

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