Is Fall the Right Time for Solar Panel Installation in Frederick MD?

Is Fall the Right Time for Solar Panel Installation in Frederick MD?

There is never a “bad” time to make the switch to solar energy, however, deciding to get solar panel installation in Frederick MD during the fall season has its own set of positive attributes. There is a common misconception that the winter months will not produce an adequate amount of energy to power their home. While every residence requires different amounts of energy, solar panels only lose an average of 3% efficacy during winter. Once it is realized that solar panels operate effectively year-round, the benefits of switching to solar during the fall become much more advantageous than other times of the year.

Save Money

Besides reducing your carbon footprint, one of the biggest draws of solar is the reduced cost of energy for the household. To maximize your savings, getting solar panel installation in Frederick MD during the fall is one of the easiest ways to do so. One of the biggest reasons that fall is an excellent time to go solar is to take advantage of the current tax-related incentives. These incentives, offered both federally and locally, can save you up to 25% on the cost of your solar panels. Incentives may be easier to file in seasons with lower submission rates, meaning you can get your solar faster. Besides incentives, lowering the cost of your energy before having to heat your home during winter can save during some of the most intensive-energy usage months. Getting the process of installing solar started during the fall means that you will be up and running well before the coldest months of winter. This will cause your energy bill to be reduced during the winter when it would typically be higher from heating your home.

Enjoy Your Solar Sooner

With the abundance of sun and the cost of air conditioning, the summer months are typically the busiest time for solar panel installation in Frederick MD. By deciding to have your solar panels installed in the fall, you beat this solar rush and will be able to enjoy the benefits of your solar array much sooner. With less demand, your solar supplier will be able to perform your installation much more quickly. The sooner your solar panel array is up and running, the sooner you can save on your monthly energy bill and the less time spent sourcing your energy from the utility company, the more you will stand to save by harnessing your own energy. Along with this are energy credits. Energy credits are excess energy that you don’t immediately use that can be used later. This is another reason to get solar panel installation in the fall. These energy credits can begin adding up for use during the winter months when the solar panel’s efficacy is affected.

Solar Panel Installation in Frederick MD

Making the smart switch to clean and renewable solar energy is a great choice, regardless of the time of year, however, getting your solar panels installed during the fall months means faster installation, access to more incentives, and a larger amount of money saved. If you are ready to convert your home or business to solar energy before the winter months and maximize your savings, contact the team at Lumina Solar to get in touch with one of our solar representatives. We will assist you in selecting a solar plan and creating a custom solar array that matches your desired specifications.

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