Maryland Winter Solar Success Stories

Maryland Winter Solar Success Stories

We are well into 2024, but it doesn’t exactly feel like Spring has sprung. We know the feeling. And we understand that homeowners might be worried about the possibility of going solar during the winter months. At Lumina, we’re proud to share the inspiring stories of our customers who have experienced winter solar success firsthand. From snowy landscapes to overcast skies, these stories illustrate the resilience and reliability of solar energy, even in the coldest of seasons.

Let’s dive into the experiences of homeowners who have installed solar panels with Lumina Solar and have seen impressive results, even in winter conditions. Through their testimonials and reviews, we’ll highlight the benefits of solar energy during the colder months, dispelling common myths and misconceptions along the way.

Benjamin began his solar journey with Lumina in mid-2023, when he heard about Lumina from a friend that had gone solar with us several years before. Benjamin’s Lumina Solar Consultant, Andrew Cimino, allowed for the most optimal solar array for his home, offering him a 6.885 Kw System with 17 REC Alpha Pure 405w solar panels and 17 Enphase IQ8+ microinverters. After several months with his new solar system, Benjamin has been able to fully understand the benefits of solar energy! He was able to recently reflect on his experience, saying:

Andrew and his team delivered an exceptional experience from start to finish. They provided expert consultation, efficient installation, and high-quality products. Their outstanding customer service made the process smooth and hassle-free. Since installation, I’ve seen significant energy savings. Highly recommended for anyone considering solar panels.

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Elizabeth started her solar journey with Lumina in late Summer 2023 shortly after moving into their beautiful home in Montgomery County, MD. Her Lumina Solar Consultant, Tim Cooke, helped her create an optimal solar array for her home, taking into account the previous homeowner’s average utility usage. Elizabeth decided to move forward with Lumina, purchasing a 16.6 Kw system; the system uses 41 REC Alpha Pure 405w solar panels and 41 Enphase IQ8+ microinverters. Winter 2024 is the first full season with their new home solar array, and this is what Elizabeth had to say about it:

We chose Lumina to install our solar panels after interviewing a few companies. They had the clearest explanations and an easy to follow process. We signed, installed, and were up and running in 3 months. Despite having error codes in the beginning, Lumina worked with the utility company and with us to schedule times to fix the metering issue. They were always responsive and prompt in scheduling appointments. The system was always producing electricity. The error code was related to the expenditure of electricity by our house. 

The team that came out to install was professional and had great communication and were tidy and clean. It took two days on a 40+ panel system. 

Our electricity bill has been dropping every month since the winter months and we couldn’t be happier. We would highly recommend Lumina to anyone looking at solar.

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Kevin had been interested in solar on his Frederick, MD home for quite a while before meeting with Lumina. He was introduced to Lumina through a trusted friend that had already gone solar with us. Since Kevin was already eager for solar on his home, he was urged to meet with Lumina to learn more about what we had to offer him. Lumina was able to provide Kevin with an 8.1 Kw system, with 20 REC Alpha Pure 405w solar panels and 20 Enphase IQ8+ microinverters. Receiving permission to operate his system in mid-December 2023, Kevin was able to kickstart his Winter with the power of the sun! Here’s what Kevin had to say about his Lumina Solar experience:

Working with [Lumina Solar] was a pleasure and painless. We walked through my electric bill, which showed me that I would be able to be completely free of my utility. They showed what the panel layout would be on my roof with the scan. They explained the system and how it works. It was perfect and I moved forward. 

They handled the project for me, from the utility interconnection, the county approval, kickstarting the HOA, and initial inspection. They also kept me up to date when things were quiet and just moving along. 

The installers were there and setup quickly. They took the job very seriously and we did have a slight mishap where we damaged a piece of plastic on my deck. They apologized and quickly identified a replacement and went out to get and replace [the damaged part of the deck]. 

It took 2.5 months for everything and I can say I’m excited about the prospect this summer. I already see how much power I’ve offset here in the winter months, where I don’t get as many sunny days. This summer will be amazing. 

Thank you Lumina Solar. If any neighbors are interested I’m sending them your way!

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The winter season presents an excellent opportunity to highlight the remarkable performance of solar energy systems, even in challenging weather conditions. The testimonials and reviews shared by our customers demonstrate the reliability, durability, and efficiency of solar panels installed by Lumina Solar.

As we continue to champion the transition to renewable energy, we invite homeowners to join us in harnessing the power of the sun year-round. With Lumina Solar by their side, they can rest assured that their solar investment will continue to shine brightly, providing clean, sustainable energy for years to come.

To hear more about the Lumina Solar experience from our customers, check out our recent testimonial videos 👉 here.

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