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On Your New Roof + Solar System

Bundle and Save with Solar

Going solar requires a sturdy roof that is capable of supporting the system. Over time, roofs wear down, and eventually, a full replacement becomes necessary. A damaged or worn-down roof is not equipped to support a solar panel system. That’s why we’re helping you save by bundling your projects.

Right now, you can receive $500 off a new roof when combining the replacement with a solar installation project. Click below to learn more!

Lumina Solar - Roof Replacement + Solar Installation

Save $500 today when you combine a roof replacement and solar installation project. Get a new, durable roof and energy saving solar system to match.

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What is 7+5?

All-In-One Solution

A safe and effective solar installation requires a sturdy roof to support it. Some roofs will need to be replaced entirely before the transition to solar energy can be made. Typically, this will require bringing separate contractors for the roofing project and the installation project. With multiple contractors, the opportunity for miscommunications, inefficiencies, and issues greatly increases. 

At Lumina Solar, you’re receiving an all-in-one solution. The integration between roofing and solar installation allows us to ensure each project works to the benefit of the other. This means we’ll optimize your roof to take full advantage of solar and ensure your solar system is installed in a way that doesn’t damage your roof. An all-in-one solution means a simpler and more efficient process for you. 

Roofing + Solar Plans

Our goal is to make going solar as accessible as possible. Our solar plans offer diverse options that help you afford your roofing and solar projects. 

Comprehensive Roof and Solar Installation

  • Own Your System
  • Maximize Solar Incentives
  • Long Term Maintenance and Warranty
  • $500 Off When Bundled

Roofing + Solar Loan

  • Comprehensive Roofing and Solar
  • $0 Down Payment
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Maximize Your Incentives
  • Long Term Maintenance and Warranty
  • $500 Off When Bundled

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Why Combine Your Roofing and Solar Projects

Combining your roofing and solar installation projects ensures a smoother, and more effective execution. 


A roof replacement and a solar installation are both involved, complex projects. With two disconnected parties responsible for each portion, it’s easy for details to get lost in communication. These coordination barriers can lead to extended project timelines, backtracking, and more stress on your plate. With one cohesive team, you can expect clear communication about project progress, and ensure the timeline stays on track.  


When two different contractors are involved, you’ll have to vet two separate companies, and at times, the quality between the two phases of the project can be uneven. With one company completing the entire project, you can receive the same level of quality across the entire project. At Lumina Solar, we hold our team to the highest standard of craftsmanship and service. 


Project delays resulting from miscommunication can be a huge frustration. With one team completing your roof replacement and solar installation, the project will be kept on a more efficient timeline. An efficient process means your solar system will be ready to generate clean, renewable energy sooner.

A Family of Companies

Lumina Solar is proud to handle every phase of the solar process in-house thanks to our family of companies. Fusion Roof are expert in roof repair and replacement services with a particular emphasis on solar. When your roof is ready, the Lumina Solar team will complete your solar installation project tailored to your home and your needs. Throughout the lifespan of your system, Fusion Solar Services will help ensure your system maintains optimal performance with timely solar maintenance. 

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Meet Your Solar Consultant Today

Ready to dive in? Our team of Solar and Roofing Consultants can help you get a grasp on how a roof replacement and installation project can work for you. Reach out today to get started. 

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What is 7+5?