6 Benefits That’ll Have You Wanting To Make the Switch to Solar

A couple of decades ago, it was easy to chalk solar technology up to being a novelty. Only the wealthy and technologically savvy bothered with it. Those days are over!

Solar energy has reached an unparalleled level of accessibility. With the numerous options available, many of which require little to no money down – it really is as simple as just choosing to say yes to all of the benefits that solar panels have to offer.

In this post, we’ll break down some of the benefits that accompany a solar panel installation to give you an idea of what all of the hype is about.

A Super Low-Maintenance Way to be Proactive

There’s a bit of a stigma associated with green living, but rest assured that it doesn’t have to be complicated. No need to scrap all of your clothing and switch to 100% eco-friendly fabrics. You don’t need to grow all of your own fruits and vegetables or hunt for locally sourced meat to make a difference.

With a solar panel installation, you can reduce your household’s Co2 footprint by 3,000 pounds each and every year! To put that into perspective, to have the same effect, you would need to plant a lot of trees. 150 every single year, to be exact.

Solar panel maintenance is fairly hands-off for the most part. You’ll need to check them out from time to time and occasionally remove some debris – but they generally just do their thing with minimal effort required.

Huge Savings on Your Utility Costs

The monetary savings to be had on energy costs are without a doubt the biggest draw for most people, and with good reason!

It is likely that during some months your panels will overproduce energy. When that happens, you’ll receive credit with the utility company that can be applied towards your costs during the months where your panels may slightly under produce.

This typically balances out and results in solar panel owners being able to totally offset their electricity costs.

What would you do with those savings each month?

Lucrative Tax Incentives

If you live in the state of Maryland, you not only have federal tax incentives to look forward to but statewide programs, too. You’ll definitely want to make the most out of these programs while they’re still available.

Check out this post that we’ve put together with everything you need to know about this!

Increasing Your Home Value by Tens of Thousands

Solar panels aren’t exactly the most visually appealing addition you could add to your home, but if you’re looking for home improvement projects that’ll have big returns in terms of increasing value – they’re the way to go!

On average, homeowners that install solar panels improve their property value by as much as 4%. Depending on the starting value of your home, they could add between $9,000 and $20,000 to your asking price.

Energy Independence

When you choose to invest in solar energy, you’re not only powering your home – but giving your own power back to yourself!

With less dependence on the utility company and reduced reliance on fossil fuels, solar panels empower people to make the right choices – for their household and for the environment.

And Investment That Will Give for Decades

When you have your installation completed by a reputable company, your solar panels will give you all of the above benefits for decades to come.

In most cases, solar panels go strong and steady for about 25 years before there are signs of diminishing returns in energy production.

Many manufacturers and installers offer warranties and protection plans too, for added peace of mind.

At Lumina, we want to make sure that those choosing to reap the benefits of solar energy are getting the smoothest transition possible. We’ll guide you every step of the way and even take care of the permits and paperwork!

Ready to get the ball rolling? Reach out to us anytime for a pressure-free consultation and free quote!

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