The future has arrived…SOLAR 2.0

The future has arrived…SOLAR 2.0

We know what you’re asking yourself right now…

What the heck is SOLAR 2.0???

Well, just like computers, cell phones, appliances, cars… you name it every product or service has to undergo some changes in order to stay competitive and relevant.

Here at Lumina Solar, we realized that our industry as a whole is still sort of stuck in the 1980s, with giant SALES that aren’t actually sales, old-school advertising, outdated processes and technologies, and pushy sales people that are simply out to make a quick buck.

The difference between Lumina Solar and these other guys?
Well, that’s simple – most of us worked for the other guys. We saw first-hand how the customers reacted to these old ideas, we knew that something had to change, but with where we were at the time, we didn’t really have the power to make those changes.

Hence, the creation of Lumina Solar, and the implementation of SOLAR 2.0.

We’re talking about taking that old system and tearing it down to rebuild it from the foundation up.

We’ve learned from the miscues of our prior experiences in other companies and we decided to build something better. So, what is SOLAR 2.0?

SOLAR 2.0 is different because of;

1. Technology

Our award-winning design software allows us to see your roof, the sun exposure, the power offset capabilities and to build the design in-home or virtually with you in real-time. So before you ever sign a contract with us you’ll know what your system will look like, and how much power it can generate.

2. Products

We only sell the best quality products on the market, from companies like Tesla, headquartered in California, REC Solar, headquartered in North Carolina, and Silfab Solar, headquartered in Washington. These products are designed to work optimally, last long, and outperform any other products on the  market.

3. Service

Don’t take our word for it, but our service team is second to none, Hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Solar Reviews and more. We don’t aim to please, aiming means we might miss, so instead we just simple are the best. Our customers love us, and we’ll prove it. We can provide you with a list of customers, let you choose one at random and we’ll GIVE YOU THEIR CONTACT info to ask them yourself. No coaching, no fluff, just very real responses from very real customers.

At Lumina Solar we know that now more than ever consumers are more keen, better educated, and more aware. SOLAR 2.0 has been specifically designed and implemented to not just meet customer expectations but to knock them out of the park.
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