Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

As you’re researching solar panels and evaluating your options to help you make a decision, you’ll probably have questions about your roof. Roofs are, after all, a major investment in and of themselves. They must also be maintained in order to ensure that they’re doing their jobs properly – preventing leaks and keeping the elements from damaging your house.

Here are the biggest questions about rooftop solar panels we hear:

  1. Will solar panels damage my roof?
  2. Won’t solar panels cause my roof to get really hot?
  3. What happens if a solar panel rips off the roof in a storm?

We get that last question a lot. Fortunately, the answer is – it’s very, very unlikely. Solar panels won’t turn your roof into a kite in a storm! When they’re properly and professionally installed (as they always are with Lumina Solar) you can be sure that the job has been carried out using the following best practices:

  • Attention to detail
  • Health and safety
  • Post-installation follow up

What If My Roof Is Old?

One of the most important considerations regarding your roof is that of its age. Solar panels can be expected to remain in place for at least 20 years which is the average age of a roof. If you’re roof is already teetering on the edge of its lifespan, it may not be a good idea to install solar panels over it. Because the old roof will need to be replaced eventually, it doesn’t make sense to remove the installation only to have to install it again. Also, installing panels on a roof that is already compromised could create further damage.

With that said, if your roof is relatively new and in good condition, you can rest assured that damage is unlikely. When installed correctly you won’t need to worry about leaks or weak spots in the roof. The panels are anchored into the rafters of your home, not onto the shingles, and will be secured with lag bolts – thick hardware specifically designed to withstand anything Mother Nature could throw at them.

But Don’t Solar Panels Get Hot?

When you take a look at a solar panel installation you’ll quickly notice that there are many shiny, dark colored panels attached to the roof. This does, of course, attract the sun and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to be concerned with this causing your roof to heat up substantially. However, a closer look will reveal that the panels are not installed flat against the roof and that there is space between the underside of the panel and the roof. This allows for both ventilation and water to run off, preventing the roof from overheating or developing moisture due to trapped water and causing damage – such as mold or warping – to the shingles.

The decision to invest in solar panels is a fantastic one, and shouldn’t be made lightly. If you have any concerns or doubts about the structure and integrity of your roof, you should address them with your installers, and perhaps with a contractor prior to installation. When done right, however, you won’t have to worry about any sort of damage to your roof.

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