Can Solar Panels Protect Your Roof From Damage?

Can Solar Panels Protect Your Roof From Damage?

Roof-mounted solar panels are quickly growing as the top source for homes and businesses to harness their own clean and renewable energy. While solar panel arrays have many known benefits such as lower energy costs and reduced carbon footprints, there is another advantage that is rarely discussed: protection for your roof. By taking a look at the matchup between the durability of solar panels and the hazards that your roof commonly faces, we can find out if solar panels really due offer protection to your roof.

Durable Construction Helps Solar Panels Protect Your Roof From the Elements

Solar panels have been significantly iterated with new advancements made, and with that development, their durability has increased immensely. Today’s solar panels are built to withstand hurricane-level winds and impacts from high-velocity objects the size of golf balls. They are rigorously tested under extreme conditions to ensure their durability. The mounting systems used are also crafted to be resilient against strong winds. The photovoltaic cells that actually harness the sun’s energy are more susceptible to damage. However, the frame that they are contained in is built to high standards of protective capability.   

Potential Roof Hazards


Storms come in many different variations and levels of intensity. Winter storms bring snow and low temperatures while summer storms can produce large amounts of rain and high winds. With each type having its own challenges, they all pose the threat of damaging your roof. Solar arrays are watertight and protected from water compromising their electronic components, meaning that rain will not be an issue. If your solar panels are covered by dust or dirt, the rain will actually clean them and allow more sunlight to make contact with the PV cells. Hail storms have a reputation for damaging roofs, due to their softer construction. Solar panels are designed to withstand violent hail storms and will work as a protective layer for your roof. The same is true with debris picked up by a storm’s winds. Often, storms will cause tree limbs to snap and break off. The debris that would easily damage a roof will have a much harder time getting through your solar panels. If a strong gust of wind does come about and find its way under your solar panels, the reinforced mounts will effortlessly keep the solar panels attached to your roof.


Over long periods of time, the sunlight that is absorbed by your roof will dry out your shingles and put them at risk of becoming sun-bleached. By having a solar panel array absorbing the sunlight instead, the negative of roof damage is instead turned into the positive of free energy. Not only does sunlight damage shingles, but it also heats the roof which in turn, heats the entire home. A solar panel array will provide shade for the roof as well as create airflow between them and the roof, reducing the heat and reducing air conditioning costs.

Get the Perfect Solar Panels to Protect Your Roof From Damage

Protection for your roof is just one of many benefits that a roof-mounted solar panel array can provide. To find out more about the many advantages of going solar, check out some of our other blogs. If you are considering making the switch to clean and renewable solar energy, reach out to Lumina Solar to speak to a solar representative and begin your solar journey today with a free quote!

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