Case Study: Helping Shawn Change HOA Rules to Go Solar

Case Study: Helping Shawn Change HOA Rules to Go Solar

At Lumina Solar, it is always our goal to do what we can to help our customers make going solar a reality. Sometimes, there are unforeseen barriers to this transition. And sometimes, it takes a few extra steps to help a customer make the change to clean, green energy. 

HOA Bylaws

In some neighborhoods, Home Owners Associations have their own rules and bylaws that regulate what sort of renovations or installations homeowners can make to their properties. In this particular case, the HOA denied Shawn O’neill’s solar installation project. However, the HOA had a bylaw change stipulation that allows the rule to be overwritten if we could gather signatures from 2/3rds of the residents in the neighborhood. 

So, together the decision was made to pursue this route so our customer could take control of their energy usage, and hopefully convince some neighbors to do the same in the process. On a cold snowy day in January, Shawn and his Solar Consultant, Philip Jordan, began knocking on doors. Fortunately, the neighbors were receptive to the idea of renewable energy within the neighborhood, and we managed to collect the necessary signatures needed to change this antiquated HOA rule. 

Shawn’s Experience

Our customer was extremely impressed with the experience of working with Lumina from start to finish. From the dedication of the solar consultant in assisting with gathering the necessary signatures to the install team completing the project in four and a half hours, we were able to build a lifelong relationship. 

At Lumina, we always prioritize customer service and dedication to achieving the needs of each customer. We’re incredibly happy to have been a part of this journey in transitioning a neighborhood away from an outdated HOA rule and allowing for the entry of clean solar energy into the area. 

System Details

The Lumina team was able to provide a substantial system to Shawn and his family. For this project, we utilized top-of-the-line REC 370 Alpha Series All Black paired with excellent Enphase IQ7+ inverters. In total, this project included the installation of 26 panels for a total system size of 9.62 kW.

Our team is beyond proud to have participated in this project. We believe going above and beyond is worth it if we can help more people transition to clean energy. If you want to start the movement in your neighborhood, or simply want to save on your monthly energy bill, reach out to the Lumina Solar team today.

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