Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Washington DC

It is no secret that more homeowners have been making the smart switch to clean and renewable energy and have been enjoying all of the benefits that come with it. If you’ve observed this trend as a business owner, you may have wondered how the implementation of solar benefits a commercial business. With a business, every upgrade or improvement has to make sense financially. That being said, solar offers the prospect of drastically reducing, and often eliminating your monthly energy expenditure. To fully understand how solar panel installation in Washington DC will benefit your business, it’s important to look at the cost-benefit analysis of solar energy as a whole.

Advantages of Solar Panel Installation in Washington DC

While the advantages of solar panel installation in Washington DC may seem obvious, there are specific aspects that benefit businesses in a big way.

Reduced or Eliminated Energy Costs

As previously mentioned, solar panels obviously save you money on your monthly energy bill. If you get a system that can adequately power your entire business, your energy cost would be eliminated entirely. Naturally, you still have to pay for your system. The cost of your system is offset by the amount that you save so, eventually, you will reach a point where your energy savings are equal to the amount that it cost for the solar panel system itself. This is called the breakeven point and solar owners often make that in under 10 years of solar ownership, with some even reaching the payback period in under 5 years. Considering that solar panel systems are expected to last up to 30 years, that’s around 20 years of free, clean, and renewable energy. Additionally, many solar installers offer financing options to spread the cost of your system in a way that makes fiscal sense.

Positive Image

Your solar system is not only a great investment but a statement about your company’s commitment to energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint as a business. Unfortunately, many companies operate to the detriment of our environment. Benefit your business, your community, and our shared planet with solar installation in Washington DC.

Energy Independence

Relying on the local power company comes with two major drawbacks: future energy cost hikes and a downed power grid. The cost of energy has steadily increased over the years and with dwindling fossil fuel reserves and efforts from governments to switch to renewable energy sources, the price of energy from the grid can only be expected to continue to increase. Thankfully, having solar energy installed will prevent you from suffering from energy price hikes. Once your solar panels are paid for, the energy you receive from them is free. When the local power grid goes down, whether it be from a storm or a downed power line, you have to rely on the utility company to get it back up and running. For a business, this means a potential loss of income and a major impediment to business operations. Solar with equipped battery storage allows you to maintain independence from the grid during downtimes.

Tax Credits & Rebates

To incentivize people to make the switch to solar energy, federal and local governments have programs that offer tax rebates and energy credits. These programs can drastically decrease the cost of solar. The federal investment tax credit allows solar owners to receive 22% of their total cost back in tax credits. If you decide to get solar installed after 2023, that number is reduced to 10%. There is currently no cap on the amount you can receive as a tax rebate, so the more you spend on a solar installation in Washington DC, the more you will be able to receive.  

Amongst other beneficial incentives is the ability to sell your excess energy in the form of solar renewable energy credits. Companies are required by law to source a portion of their energy from renewable sources and when they can’t meet the quotas, they purchase SRECS from other sources to consider it as their own production. This means that any extra energy produced by your solar system can be sold and used as an additional source of income for your business. 

Which Businesses Can Benefit From Solar Panel Installation in Washington DC?

Instead of listing every business that can benefit from solar, it is easier to describe certain circumstances that would limit or prevent a business from benefitting. The first is your time commitment. If you plan on relocating your business, solar might not be right for you as it is an investment into the future. The longer you are using the solar system the more you will save. Next is if you need a new roof. While this is a major expenditure for your business, it may be necessary regardless of your solar ambitions. Fortunately, our team’s sister company, Fusion Roofing Services, specializes in roofing repair and replacement for solar-equipped roofs. Finally, if your business’s building is blocked by shade, your solar panels will not receive enough sunlight to operate properly. Unless you are willing to pay for tree removal, you might want to reconsider your move toward solar energy. 

How Much Can Your Business Save?

Exactly how much your business can save with solar energy is dependent on a variety of variables. The first is the way you decide to pay for your solar. The most solar savings come from those who buy their system upfront with one single, cash payment. This allows you to begin earning your solar savings faster as the payback period is non-existent and the breakeven point comes much sooner. Next, is how much energy you consume compared to how much your solar array generates. The closer you are to having your solar system fully power your business operations, the less you will pay for grid energy and in turn, the more you will save. If your system is large enough that you generate extra power, you can earn income from SRECs, furthering your solar savings. Once you factor in the tax rebates and credits offered by federal and state incentives, the savings can become immense. While these are entirely dependent on your route to solar, system size, and business, solar savings will still have a positive impact on your business. How much you save is up to you.

Professional Solar Installation in Washington DC

If you are ready to start your business down the pathway toward immense energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint, Lumina Solar is here to help. Our team of dedicated solar representatives will work closely with you to ensure that your business is measured and fitted with a solar panel array that is optimized to meet your solar goals. With our variety of solar payment plans, there is a way for anyone to have solar installed in their business. Call or contact Lumina Solar today to begin your journey toward incredible solar savings!

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Solar Consultant

Steve is a lifelong Maryland resident and solar consumer with a background in environmental education and clean energy advocacy.

He has a 25-year career focusing on customer service, project management, and process improvement working with a wide variety of companies from large communication corporations to small business start-ups and local nonprofits. 

Having worked directly with homeowners since entering the workforce in 1995, Steve creates a level of comfortability with his customers that makes for a stress-free and enjoyable solar experience.

Customer Care Team Lead

Previously Spencer worked in fields varying from customer service, construction, and project management. These industries helped shape a unique overlapping knowledge and skillset that Spencer brings to the Lumina team. 

Spencer is a proud owner of his AA in Business Management from Howard Community College

Spencer’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife Olivia, dog Alfred, family, and friends. He is also an avid fan of sports, movies, and music. 

Solar Consultant

Gabriel is an experienced and knowledgeable solar professional, both in the field and in project management. He began his solar career in 2021 as an installer helping hundreds of homeowners achieve their renewable energy goals.

Now as a Solar Consultant, he is passionate about providing the highest level of service to each homeowner.

Prior to working in solar, Gabriel spent 3 years in the military serving his country. He now brings the same level of dedication to his clients’ experience. With his bright, energetic personality, he creates a level of comfortability and excitement around solar, motivating everyone he meets with. Hardworking and trustworthy by nature, Gabriel always goes the extra mile for his clients and ensures that they’re provided with the best solar energy solution on the market.

Energy Services Consultant

Gabe is an Energy Services Sales Consultant who brings a diverse work background to address very specific industry issues.

As an Energy Services Consultant, he helps homeowners with all solar maintenance and roofing requests, as well as works with other companies to help the industry as a whole.

Prior to this role, Gabe was successful at a large national Solar Company, as well as acquiring industry knowledge working at a large Exterior Home Remodeling Company.

Gabe enjoys spending time with his friends watching the big game, as well as exploring and traveling to different areas, as well as trying new foods and lots of other activities, whatever he can get into. 


Scheduling Coordinator

As one of Lumina’s Scheduling Coordinators, Sheldon is the first point of contact for people wanting to make the switch to solar

Sheldon is new to the solar industry but brings years of customer service and sales to the team. Prior to his current role, Sheldon gained sales experience as a residential real estate agent and customer service and hospitality experience from many years of working in health care.

Sheldon holds a BS in music technology from UMBC and an AA in Mass Communications from Harford Community College.

He enjoys spending time with his wife, Megan, and chihuahua, Huey. When he’s not at work you can usually find him either in the gym or watching a Disney movie with his wife

Solar Consultant

As a Lumina Solar Sales Consultant, his priority is to assist his clients in developing sustainable energy solutions – from start to finish – for their homes and businesses.

Charlie is a solar industry veteran and professional consultant with years of experience in the Mid-Atlantic region. He is a true believer in renewable energy, and that solar will lead the way over the next decade and beyond.

Prior to this role, Charlie started and managed a small wine distribution company in New York City for 6 years.

Charlie holds a BA in Art History from the University of Miami.

He loves spending time with his wife, Kelly, and their dogs, Hoss and Monkey, as well as traveling, skiing, wine, and cooking.

Corporate Recruiter

As Lumina’s Corporate Recruiter, Anna is responsible for bringing top talent into the organization and supporting all HR functions.

Anna is a seasoned recruitment professional and brings over 9 years of full-cycle recruiting experience.

Prior to her current role, Anna gained extensive corporate recruiting experience working for one of the top e-commerce companies in the US.

Anna spends her spare time with her friends at an axe throwing league, playing trivia, and checking out new restaurants.

Energy Services Account Manager

Carollynne is a Accomplished and Professional Account Manager and Business Analyst team member with 7 + years client servicing and inventory control experience.

Previously employed in the Client Service – Project Management Department as a Project Coordinator. She has received multiple awards and is driven by continuous improvement, ambitious and organization. Improved efficiency as a Business Analyst Admin by determining which technological upgrades and installations would improve efficiency in the workplace.

She enjoys spending time with her daughter and creating special memories with her family. She loves art and loves creating amazing pieces.

Residential Project Administrator

Cara is thrilled to begin her professional career in the solar energy industry with Lumina Solar!

As one of Lumina’s, Residential Project Administrators, she organizes and manages various administrative tasks from the beginning to the end of a project, while ensuring all accuracy and projects are completed within expected timelines.

Prior to her current role, Cara was a supervisor and professional photographer for over a decade, working and travelling with many people from all walks of life.
Cara holds a BS in Psychology and Philosophy from The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!)

Cara enjoys being in nature and experiencing life’s moments to the fullest. Her time is spent creating art, and road tripping when time allows.

PA Operations Scheduler

Stephanie is new to the solar industry but brings over 20 years of dealing with customers in various outlets. She is excited to bring her experience into the Solar Industry.

As Lumina’s Operations scheduler, she is responsible for coordinating customers’ solar installations and scheduling additional maintenance service. She also assists with synchronizing inspections and works with the utility companies regarding any electrical upgrades needed.

Prior to her current role, Stephanie worked in the construction industry working with contractors and vendors to coordinate new projects. She spent most of her career in the auto industry, working as a financial analyst for Chrysler then GM.
Stephanie holds a BS in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Cabrini University.

She enjoys spending time with her son Stefan, watching him play basketball and cats Marty and Libby. When the weather is nice, Stephanie will likely be outside enjoying the sun.

Customer Care Liaison

Christel has an extensive background in the solar industry, bringing a great deal of customer care and technical support experience to the ops residential team.
As a customer care liaison, I have a huge responsibility to provide quality assurance and technical knowledge to Lumina customer’s.

Prior to this role” Christel acquired significant technical and leadership experience working for a third party solar company. Providing fleet services, such as proactively monitoring systems and coordinating with field service providers to handle maintenance on behalf of all the onboarded organizations.
Christel has participated in many solar courses over the years and earned certifications of completion for trainings such as “”Solar PV” and “Solar Renewable Energy” .

Christel enjoys family fun time and going to Zumba classes as a way to destress in her spare time She also loves to travel preferably somewhere tropical and sunny.

Commercial Construction Manager

Brandon is a seasoned Solar professional, and brings over a decade of solar experience working in service, residential, commercial and utility scale solar projects.

As one of Lumina’s Commercial Construction Managers, he has leadership and management responsibilities for overseeing the installation process including EPC, quality control, and inspections.
Prior to this role, Brandon made a name for himself in residential installation. His first solar company quickly noticed his talent and enrolled him in multiple NABCEP and various other certifications. Brandon built and managed the service department for a large east coast installer before becoming superintendent on large commercial and utility scale projects.

Brandon enjoys spending time with his daughter, Cassidy, and taking family trips to the family beach house in OC NJ. He is an avid outdoorsman/survivalist, musician, and videographer.

Residential Project Administrator

Mary is a business professional dedicated to environmental sustainability.

As one of Lumina’s residential project administrators, she utilizes her attentional to detail and time management skills to ensure projects adhere to their timelines.
Prior to her current role, Mary was a senior brand ambassador for a high-end appliance company, overseeing over 20 vendor locations.

Mary has earned a B.S. in financial economics and a B.A. in business technology administration, both from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Mary enjoys exploring a new trail or trying a new restaurant. Her time at home is spent with her four rescue cats.

Custom Care Representative

Bethany is a customer care representative, and brings over 5 years of assisting customers professionally.

As Lumina’s customer care representative she has the pleasure to be the first contact with customer calling for their concerns allowing her to assist in rectifying any concerns that may present itself.

Prior to her current role, Bethany gained her knowledge working for a car dealership. She worked her way up from a part time receptionist role to Customer Relations Representative in corporate of the car dealership. She oversaw the concerns for 28 locations in 5 different states.

Bethany holds two awards in customer service satisfaction from Toyota.

She enjoys spending time reading, visiting new places with her significant other and pets.

Business Strategist

Andrew is an experienced project and operations manager bringing in outside engineering knowledge and experience in large-scale business operations.

As Lumina’s Energy Services Business Strategist, he has the responsibility of ensuring operational efficiency in Energy Services and Roofing. This includes process audits and creation and interfacing with the other cost centers to make ensure efficiency, standardization, and continuity.

Prior to this role, Andrew worked as an engineering project manager and director of quality for a national defense contractor. Supporting multiple programs and large efforts, his experience grew in large-scale process development and project and program execution.
Andrew holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

He enjoys spending time with his wife, son, daughter, and dog. When he has free time, he enjoys relaxing with movies and music, road trips, or anything outdoors.

Business Strategy Analyst

Zachary is a recent graduate from Towson University. He has a background in data and business analytics, and experience with several data visualization tools.

As Lumina’s Business Analyst, Zachary will utilize his knowledge of data structures and tools such as Salesforce and Power BI to provide insights and visibility into key business operations.

Prior to his current role, Zachary gained experience with data visualization tools by working in IT consulting. He provided valuable insights to Maryland based organizations to increase their efficiency and profit.

Zachary graduated from Towson University in May 2022 with a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems, and a minor in Accounting. He enjoys working out with friends and outdoor running when the weather is nice. Zachary also just finished building a custom PC for himself.

Solar Consultant

Fanus is an experienced solar professional and brings 6 years of experience in residential and utility scale solar.

As Lumina’s Solar Consultant, he helps homeowners save money and contribute to a cleaner environment by making the switch to solar energy.

Prior to this role, Fanus was in the roofing and reconstruction industry. He chased all kinds of major storms from hurricanes to tornados, helping people rebuild their homes in a timely fashion.

He enjoys spending time with family, friends, enjoying the outdoors, the beach and grilling.

Sudha Medapati

Business Strategy Analyst

Sudha is passionate about energy transition and is excited to be a part of the process of getting more individuals their solar panels!

As a Business Strategy analyst, Sudha helps build and execute scalable processes to improve efficiency at Lumina.

Prior to this role, Sudha has experience working in Business Development and Marketing for Startups and Corporations alike.

Sudha Medapati graduated from Rutgers University in May 2022 with BA in Economics and a BA in Cognitive Sciences. Sudha is also a Venture for America fellow, a program that aims to increase economic opportunities in emerging cities.

She enjoys spending time in nature, running, learning to cook, and spending time with her friends!

Chris Russ

Solar Consultant

Chris spent 15 + years in the Real Estate industry prior to noticing the incredible opportunities in renewable energy. Recent escalations in geo-political matters and increasingly worse news regarding climate science motivated Chris to transition into the solar industry where he felt he could make a positive difference.

As a solar consultant, Chris is responsible for customer care from contract to installation and monitors all phases keeping his clients apprised of all updates to include permitting, financing, connection, installation and more. Prior to joining Lumina, Chris started his journey as a client. As a trusted resource for vendors, Chris went to great lengths when choosing a company. Chris ultimately chose Lumina due to the superior technology, outstanding reviews, seo, culture and innovation. Bachelors Degree in Marketing Towson University

3rd Round/94th Pick MLB Draft 2000, Chris coaches little league baseball, enjoys hiking, golf and men’s league baseball. He hopes to make it to the 80+ circuit.

Courtney Sollenberger

Solar Consultant

Courtney has a passion for sales and marketing and has specialized in the home improvement industry for the last 7 years of her career. She spent her first decade working as a media consultant for a local CBS affiliate. She assisted the growth of a variety of industries with her digital and television marketing knowledge.

As your Lumina Design Consultant, Courtney will customize the most efficient and aesthetic plan for your home. She enjoys not only being your energy educator but, also your project manager.

Prior to her role, Courtney gained significant experience in the home improvement industry by working for a national window replacement company. Courtney was selected to serve as 1 of the 12 participants on the Marketing Council which represented over 93 affiliates and was nominated for Marketing Manager of the year along with other nominations. She launched several initiatives during the COVID pandemic that not only allowed employees to keep working but benefited local food banks and other organizations.

Courtney holds a BA in Interior Design from West Virginia University with a minor in Communications.

When she isn’t chasing her children around she enjoys traveling with her husband, Eric and hosting friends and family for dinner and theme parties.

Hannah Furman

Marketing Analyst

Hannah is a recent graduate, with her Bachelors in Marketing. Along with her knowledge and experiences in marketing, she brings to the team an excitement and eagerness to work in the solar industry.

As Lumina’s Marketing Analyst, Hannah will be managing marketing efforts and working with the team, experimenting with ways to help more people go solar.

Hannah recently graduated with her Bachelors in Marketing from Queens University of Charlotte. She has had three marketing internships during her time in college, creating and managing marketing strategies while working on small dynamic teams in Charlotte’s startup ecosystem. She is a 2022 Fellow with Venture for America, a non-profit that aimed at increasing opportunities in emerging American cities.

As she is new to the Baltimore area, Hannah has enjoyed exploring all that the city has to offer. In her spare time, she enjoys going to parks and walking trails with her friends and her dog, Butter.

Justin Weismer

Sight Surveyor

Justin is an experienced professional and brings almost a decade of combined experience working in Employee Management, Fortune 35 Marketing, Business Development, Lead Acquisition & Conversion, Customer Service, Consumer Sales, and Civil Service.

As Lumina’s Site Surveyor for the greater Philadelphia region, he has comprehensive and articulate information collection skills and responsibility of gathering details pertaining to, structural, electrical, and geometric data of residential solar projects.

Prior to his current role, Justin gained significant managerial and project landscape surveying experience working as a Supervisor State Ranger for Virginia State Government, Senior Supervisor Ranger for the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, and Park Ranger for Montgomery County Government’s Parks, Trails & Historic Sites System. He has also acquired experience in survey and data collection as a Customer Relationship Management Analyst for Tylenol Professional & Consumer, Zyrtec Professional & Consumer, Neutrogena Professional, Aveeno Professional, Listerine Professional, Lactaid Professional, Johnson’s Baby and JNJPediatrics brands. Additionally, he has done federal civil service for the Department of Commerce, Bureau Of Labor Statistics, and Census Bureau Consumer Expenditure Survey data collection efforts.

Justin holds a COC in Networking and Operating Systems Security from MBIT, he also has a handful of technology certifications such as the NOCTI Computer Systems Networking 8148 Certification, Pennsylvania Department of Education Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications Occupational Skills Certification, SkillsUSA Professional Development Program Professional Degree, and various CompTIA Technical Certifications.

He enjoys spending time at music festivals, trade shows, conferences, and conventions. When the weather permits, going to the park and working on flow arts and poi.

Cory Maccherone

Project Reviewer

Cory Maccherone has been in the solar industry since 2012 experience ranging from installation to installation manager.

He has done project management, installation management, and has been a lead installer in residential and commercial installation.

Cory enjoys spending time with his family and traveling to new destinations.

Wayne Hopkins

Commercial Site Superintendant

Wayne is a commercial site superintendent with 10 years of solar experience working in residential and commercial solar.

As Lumina’s commercial site superintendent , he has comprehensive leadership responsibility for areas including site safety , overseeing commercial projects and installers.

Prior to this current role, Wayne gained experience in the Solar field as a lead installer in both residential and commercial projects for the past 10 years earning his way to become our commercial site superintendent for Lumina.

Wayne was installer of the year in 2019 for Lumina solar.

He enjoys spending time with his wife Colleen and two kids, Travis and Alyssa.

Gaby Jadotte

Business Strategy Analyst

Gaby is very excited to begin her postgrad professional career with Lumina and join the booming solar industry!

As part of the Business Strategy and Operations team, Gaby works to help optimize project processes, increase company efficiency, and improve customer experience.

Prior to this role, she worked in sustainability operations, enterprise data management, and non-profit environmental conservation work. Additionally, Gaby has experienced high-level, strategic decision making as the former student member of her College’s Board of Trustees.

Gaby graduated from Colorado College in May 2022 with a major in International Political Economy. She is 2022 Fellow with Venture for America, a non-profit that aimed at increasing opportunities in emerging American cities.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking around Baltimore, roadtripping or traveling with friends, and trying new foods or adventures!

Kenton Clausen

Commercial Construction Manager

Kenton is a dedicated, hardworking solar professional. He brings over five years of solar experience to Lumina. Kenton has worked on both the residential and commercial sides of the solar industry, bringing a wide range of knowledge to the team.


As Lumina’s Commercial Construction Manager, he strives to improve production, organization, management, and quality to the team. Prior to this role, Kenton accrued years of management experience working for a commercial solar installation company. While in this position, Kenton supervised numerous megawatt systems for some of the largest companies on the East coast.


Kenton has obtained his ACI certification and is PV certified. He enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. When possible, Kenton takes his family down to the beach, spending time in the sun or on the board walk and enjoying pizza from Nicolas.

Eric Corsi

Project Development Manager

Eric is a solar & storage project executive with more than 12+ years’ experience directing development, contract negotiations, engineering and construction activities on a broad range of renewable energy solutions totaling over 100MW throughout the United States.


Over his tenure he has gained vast familiarity with the PJM, ISO-NE, NYISO and California ISO markets which has led to successful delivery of several very complex projects. Mr. Corsi is very fluent in the PV solar ecosystem and possesses a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge accumulated over a successful career.


As Lumina’s Head of Project Development and Management, he leads the C&I team by implementing cross-functional strategic planning to effectively deliver risk mitigated project due diligence and successful on-time implementation on a variety of C&I solar projects throughout a multi-state territory. 


Prior to this role, Eric worked as a C&I solar + storage Project Director for a leading multinational energy services and solutions provider focused on helping customers live sustainably, simply and affordably. He was engaged in all aspects of the project lifecycle from project origination to project close out. 


Eric holds a BA in Finance from Temple University. In his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife Ashely and two daughters, Isabella and Madelyn.

Will McColley

Director of Roofing Services

Will is a seasoned sales management professional with 13 years of experience in commercial and residential roofing and solar. As Lumina’s Director of Roofing, he has comprehensive leadership responsibility for roof marketing, sales and operations efforts to provide business and homeowners a great experience replacing their roof before or after they go solar.


Prior to this role, Will led different teams covering nine states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions to help thousands of people go solar and replace their roof. He holds a BS in Leadership from the University of Delaware and attended Harvard University for a Masters in Management. In his free time, Will enjoys traveling with his girlfriend, running outdoors with his greyhound, spending time with friends and family, volunteering with Volunteering Untapped, and surfing.

Sufi Noor

Solar Consultant

Sufi Noor is a self-motivated and passionate individual. He uses his technical background and knowledge-based approach to his meetings, ensuring that his clients receive custom solar solutions and are well-informed about their projects.


Prior to his current role, Sufi worked as a Software Developer. He decided on a career change and wanted to work for a company with a sustainable and customer-centric focus in their DNA. Sufi came across Lumina as he was looking to install solar panels in his new home. Lumina’s integrity and vision led him to join the team. His problem-solving skills and passion to make a difference for clients and the environment allow him to provide excellent solutions for his clients.


Sufi graduated from Drexel University in 2020 with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, hiking, skydiving, coding, and spending time with family.

Christopher Richardson

Solar Consultant

Christopher is a seasoned solar sales professional and brings wealth of customer service and sales experience to the Lumina Solar team. He is passionate about solar, and excited to be a leader in the renewable energy revolution. Christopher is committed to the very best solar customer experience, from introduction to installation.


In a previous role Christopher helped hundreds of homeowners as a residential loan officer, consistently receiving the five stars for customer service excellence. Receiving a postgraduate degree in Public Health from West Chester University, Christopher is committed to the environmental sciences, focusing on educating and influencing others on the benefits of transitioning to a renewable energy economy.


Living in Chester County, PA with his wife and three active kids, Christopher enjoys volunteering for youth sports and theater. In his spare time, you can find him enjoying the outdoors, hiking, camping, or playing golf.