5 Advantages of Commercial Solar Installation in Montgomery County

5 Advantages of Commercial Solar Installation in Montgomery County

Running a business requires a lot more than just providing the service or product that you are selling. It requires having all of the supporting factors such as accounting, internal software, a commercial building, and energy to power it all. When it comes to operating a commercial business, the energy demands can be immense, depending on the industry, and can end up as a significant portion of your monthly expenditure. Instead of relying on utility companies to charge you for your energy usage, why not take advantage of clean and renewable solar energy? Implementing commercial solar installation in Montgomery County for your business will not only save you money on your monthly energy bill but also qualifies your business for solar tax benefits and a reputation of being environmentally conscious. Here are five major ways that solar energy will benefit your commercial business.

Lower Your Operating Cost

Operating costs are a daily concern that must be addressed in order to have your business function properly. If your business has a commercial building that it operates out of, then it is inevitable that a portion of your budget goes into paying for the energy that your business uses. With solar energy, you can significantly reduce or eliminate your energy bill. Consider how much your business would stand to save if you did not have to pay for your energy, especially over a long period of time. 

Return on investment

In the business world, it is always important to consider the return on every investment that your business makes. With commercial solar installation in Montgomery County, the return on the investment for a solar panel array is considerably higher than other forms of energy. With the reduced cost of energy, the solar system will end up paying for itself with an average payback period of just 3-4 years. When you consider that most solar panels operate for over 25 years, the payback period only makes up a small portion of your solar panels’ lifespan. Not only will your solar panels end up paying for themselves, but your business will increase in value due to its ability to harness and produce its own energy. 

Green Label Certified

When your business implements commercial solar installation in Montgomery County, you get the advantage of advertising that your company is powered by clean and renewable solar energy and is environmentally conscious. This goes a long way in benefiting your company’s public image and shows that you care about reducing your carbon footprint. With the growing push for individuals and businesses to make the switch to an alternative green energy source, the green energy certification badge is something to be proud of. 

Energy Independence

With solar, you take total control of your energy source. Instead of having to rely on the utility company to consistently supply your energy, you only have to rely on your own independent source of green energy. By adding a battery unit to your solar system, you can store energy to be used when your panels are not producing. Utility companies have a tendency to raise rates over time, however, with solar energy, you are protected against these rate hikes and instead will enjoy free energy from the sun for the duration of your panels’ lifespan. If the power from the grid goes out, in a storm or from a technical failure, your independent energy system will stay up and running, as will your business.  

Solar Tax Benefits

Along with the money you will save on energy, you will also get the additional tax benefits that come with switching to solar. Offered at both the federal and state levels of government, tax incentives are offered that will further your solar savings. The Investment Tax Credit is provided by the federal government and allows up to a 30% tax credit for your cost of solar. In Maryland, you also will qualify for the Solar Energy System Property Tax Exemption and the Solar Panel System Sales Tax Exemption, which will significantly increase the money your business saves when it switches to solar energy. 

Professional Solar Providers

Well-equipped worker in protective orange clothing installing or replacing solar panels on a photovoltaic rooftop plant. Concept of maintenance and installation of solar stations

While a solar panel system will benefit your business in a variety of ways, the company that you choose will dictate your experience. At Lumina Solar, our team of experienced solar representatives will work closely with you to determine your business’s energy demand and formulate a personalized solar plan that achieves your energy needs. From start to finish, we will offer expert guidance and thorough explanations to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with the entire process. If you are looking for a team of solar professionals to oversee your commercial solar installation in Montgomery County, look no further than the team at Lumina Solar. Contact us today to receive your free quote.

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