Maryland SRECs: How the Solar Incentive Works

It is no secret that making the switch to solar energy comes with an abundance of financial savings. With the lower energy bill and solar incentives, Maryland SRECs are another valuable opportunity to maximize your solar savings. SRECs or solar renewable energy credits are a way for companies to reach their renewable energy quotas without producing the energy themselves. Solar owners can sell their Maryland SRECs for a profit to these companies. But just how do SRECs work and how can solar owners take advantage of them? By gaining an understanding of SRECs, you will be able to get the most out of your solar panel system and increase your solar savings.  

How do Maryland SRECs Work?

SRECs are like stocks, fluctuating in value with supply and demand, and are sold separately from the actual electricity. Instead of selling your solar-generated electricity to the company that is trying to meet its renewable energy quota, you sell them a certificate that qualifies as renewable energy generated by their company. Essentially, they are paying you to subsidize the clean energy they are required to produce by the state government. 1 SREC is equal to 1 megawatt-hour and currently, Maryland SRECs are selling at a rate of $59 per certificate. To fully grasp the process, you must understand the four steps. First, your solar panel system generates clean and renewable solar energy. Then, your previous months’ production is registered on an SREC brokerage platform such as SRECTrade. Your SRECs are created and issued by the registry. Finally, your SRECs are sold for their current value and you receive a payment within 15 business days. 

Maryland SREC Marketplace

As previously mentioned, SRECs are sold like stocks on marketplaces such as SRECTrade. The price per certificate depends on the supply and demand, and with the Maryland state government increasing the percentage of solar energy required by companies by a half percent every year, the demand is steadily increasing. SREC costs can fluctuate depending on the market and current energy usage throughout the state. Today, companies are required to source a minimum of 5.5% of their energy from solar and by 2030, companies will be required to source at least 14.5% of their energy from solar. 

Make Solar More Affordable with Maryland SRECs

SRECs essentially qualify you for passive income, but how much can one expect to earn in a year? A 10kW system provides enough solar energy to power most homes in the United States and is a common size chosen by homeowners. With a 10kW system, you will produce around 10-13 MWh per year, equal to the same number of Maryland SRECs. If you sold 13 SRECs at the current price of $59, that means you would have earned $767 in one year and $7,670 over the course of ten years, greatly offsetting the initial expense of the solar panel system. That number could easily grow with the demand increase for solar energy and the fluctuation of the SREC value.  

Get the Most Out of Your Solar 

When you decide to make the smart switch to clean and renewable solar energy, it is important to find a solar provider that will proficiently guide you through the process. At Lumina Solar, our expert solar representatives will formulate a personalized solar plan that works with your energy needs and budget. With our variety of payment plans starting at $0 down, going solar can be an option for anyone aspiring to make the switch, regardless of their financial situation. If you are ready to reduce your carbon footprint, increase your energy savings and take advantage of Maryland SRECs, call or contact Lumina Solar to get started today.

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Solar Consultant

Steve is a lifelong Maryland resident and solar consumer with a background in environmental education and clean energy advocacy.

He has a 25-year career focusing on customer service, project management, and process improvement working with a wide variety of companies from large communication corporations to small business start-ups and local nonprofits. 

Having worked directly with homeowners since entering the workforce in 1995, Steve creates a level of comfortability with his customers that makes for a stress-free and enjoyable solar experience.

Customer Care Team Lead

Previously Spencer worked in fields varying from customer service, construction, and project management. These industries helped shape a unique overlapping knowledge and skillset that Spencer brings to the Lumina team. 

Spencer is a proud owner of his AA in Business Management from Howard Community College

Spencer’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife Olivia, dog Alfred, family, and friends. He is also an avid fan of sports, movies, and music. 

Solar Consultant

Gabriel is an experienced and knowledgeable solar professional, both in the field and in project management. He began his solar career in 2021 as an installer helping hundreds of homeowners achieve their renewable energy goals.

Now as a Solar Consultant, he is passionate about providing the highest level of service to each homeowner.

Prior to working in solar, Gabriel spent 3 years in the military serving his country. He now brings the same level of dedication to his clients’ experience. With his bright, energetic personality, he creates a level of comfortability and excitement around solar, motivating everyone he meets with. Hardworking and trustworthy by nature, Gabriel always goes the extra mile for his clients and ensures that they’re provided with the best solar energy solution on the market.

Energy Services Consultant

Gabe is an Energy Services Sales Consultant who brings a diverse work background to address very specific industry issues.

As an Energy Services Consultant, he helps homeowners with all solar maintenance and roofing requests, as well as works with other companies to help the industry as a whole.

Prior to this role, Gabe was successful at a large national Solar Company, as well as acquiring industry knowledge working at a large Exterior Home Remodeling Company.

Gabe enjoys spending time with his friends watching the big game, as well as exploring and traveling to different areas, as well as trying new foods and lots of other activities, whatever he can get into. 


Scheduling Coordinator

As one of Lumina’s Scheduling Coordinators, Sheldon is the first point of contact for people wanting to make the switch to solar

Sheldon is new to the solar industry but brings years of customer service and sales to the team. Prior to his current role, Sheldon gained sales experience as a residential real estate agent and customer service and hospitality experience from many years of working in health care.

Sheldon holds a BS in music technology from UMBC and an AA in Mass Communications from Harford Community College.

He enjoys spending time with his wife, Megan, and chihuahua, Huey. When he’s not at work you can usually find him either in the gym or watching a Disney movie with his wife

Solar Consultant

As a Lumina Solar Sales Consultant, his priority is to assist his clients in developing sustainable energy solutions – from start to finish – for their homes and businesses.

Charlie is a solar industry veteran and professional consultant with years of experience in the Mid-Atlantic region. He is a true believer in renewable energy, and that solar will lead the way over the next decade and beyond.

Prior to this role, Charlie started and managed a small wine distribution company in New York City for 6 years.

Charlie holds a BA in Art History from the University of Miami.

He loves spending time with his wife, Kelly, and their dogs, Hoss and Monkey, as well as traveling, skiing, wine, and cooking.

Corporate Recruiter

As Lumina’s Corporate Recruiter, Anna is responsible for bringing top talent into the organization and supporting all HR functions.

Anna is a seasoned recruitment professional and brings over 9 years of full-cycle recruiting experience.

Prior to her current role, Anna gained extensive corporate recruiting experience working for one of the top e-commerce companies in the US.

Anna spends her spare time with her friends at an axe throwing league, playing trivia, and checking out new restaurants.

Energy Services Account Manager

Carollynne is a Accomplished and Professional Account Manager and Business Analyst team member with 7 + years client servicing and inventory control experience.

Previously employed in the Client Service – Project Management Department as a Project Coordinator. She has received multiple awards and is driven by continuous improvement, ambitious and organization. Improved efficiency as a Business Analyst Admin by determining which technological upgrades and installations would improve efficiency in the workplace.

She enjoys spending time with her daughter and creating special memories with her family. She loves art and loves creating amazing pieces.

Residential Project Administrator

Cara is thrilled to begin her professional career in the solar energy industry with Lumina Solar!

As one of Lumina’s, Residential Project Administrators, she organizes and manages various administrative tasks from the beginning to the end of a project, while ensuring all accuracy and projects are completed within expected timelines.

Prior to her current role, Cara was a supervisor and professional photographer for over a decade, working and travelling with many people from all walks of life.
Cara holds a BS in Psychology and Philosophy from The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!)

Cara enjoys being in nature and experiencing life’s moments to the fullest. Her time is spent creating art, and road tripping when time allows.

PA Operations Scheduler

Stephanie is new to the solar industry but brings over 20 years of dealing with customers in various outlets. She is excited to bring her experience into the Solar Industry.

As Lumina’s Operations scheduler, she is responsible for coordinating customers’ solar installations and scheduling additional maintenance service. She also assists with synchronizing inspections and works with the utility companies regarding any electrical upgrades needed.

Prior to her current role, Stephanie worked in the construction industry working with contractors and vendors to coordinate new projects. She spent most of her career in the auto industry, working as a financial analyst for Chrysler then GM.
Stephanie holds a BS in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Cabrini University.

She enjoys spending time with her son Stefan, watching him play basketball and cats Marty and Libby. When the weather is nice, Stephanie will likely be outside enjoying the sun.

Customer Care Liaison

Christel has an extensive background in the solar industry, bringing a great deal of customer care and technical support experience to the ops residential team.
As a customer care liaison, I have a huge responsibility to provide quality assurance and technical knowledge to Lumina customer’s.

Prior to this role” Christel acquired significant technical and leadership experience working for a third party solar company. Providing fleet services, such as proactively monitoring systems and coordinating with field service providers to handle maintenance on behalf of all the onboarded organizations.
Christel has participated in many solar courses over the years and earned certifications of completion for trainings such as “”Solar PV” and “Solar Renewable Energy” .

Christel enjoys family fun time and going to Zumba classes as a way to destress in her spare time She also loves to travel preferably somewhere tropical and sunny.

Commercial Construction Manager

Brandon is a seasoned Solar professional, and brings over a decade of solar experience working in service, residential, commercial and utility scale solar projects.

As one of Lumina’s Commercial Construction Managers, he has leadership and management responsibilities for overseeing the installation process including EPC, quality control, and inspections.
Prior to this role, Brandon made a name for himself in residential installation. His first solar company quickly noticed his talent and enrolled him in multiple NABCEP and various other certifications. Brandon built and managed the service department for a large east coast installer before becoming superintendent on large commercial and utility scale projects.

Brandon enjoys spending time with his daughter, Cassidy, and taking family trips to the family beach house in OC NJ. He is an avid outdoorsman/survivalist, musician, and videographer.

Residential Project Administrator

Mary is a business professional dedicated to environmental sustainability.

As one of Lumina’s residential project administrators, she utilizes her attentional to detail and time management skills to ensure projects adhere to their timelines.
Prior to her current role, Mary was a senior brand ambassador for a high-end appliance company, overseeing over 20 vendor locations.

Mary has earned a B.S. in financial economics and a B.A. in business technology administration, both from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Mary enjoys exploring a new trail or trying a new restaurant. Her time at home is spent with her four rescue cats.

Custom Care Representative

Bethany is a customer care representative, and brings over 5 years of assisting customers professionally.

As Lumina’s customer care representative she has the pleasure to be the first contact with customer calling for their concerns allowing her to assist in rectifying any concerns that may present itself.

Prior to her current role, Bethany gained her knowledge working for a car dealership. She worked her way up from a part time receptionist role to Customer Relations Representative in corporate of the car dealership. She oversaw the concerns for 28 locations in 5 different states.

Bethany holds two awards in customer service satisfaction from Toyota.

She enjoys spending time reading, visiting new places with her significant other and pets.

Business Strategist

Andrew is an experienced project and operations manager bringing in outside engineering knowledge and experience in large-scale business operations.

As Lumina’s Energy Services Business Strategist, he has the responsibility of ensuring operational efficiency in Energy Services and Roofing. This includes process audits and creation and interfacing with the other cost centers to make ensure efficiency, standardization, and continuity.

Prior to this role, Andrew worked as an engineering project manager and director of quality for a national defense contractor. Supporting multiple programs and large efforts, his experience grew in large-scale process development and project and program execution.
Andrew holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

He enjoys spending time with his wife, son, daughter, and dog. When he has free time, he enjoys relaxing with movies and music, road trips, or anything outdoors.

Business Strategy Analyst

Zachary is a recent graduate from Towson University. He has a background in data and business analytics, and experience with several data visualization tools.

As Lumina’s Business Analyst, Zachary will utilize his knowledge of data structures and tools such as Salesforce and Power BI to provide insights and visibility into key business operations.

Prior to his current role, Zachary gained experience with data visualization tools by working in IT consulting. He provided valuable insights to Maryland based organizations to increase their efficiency and profit.

Zachary graduated from Towson University in May 2022 with a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems, and a minor in Accounting. He enjoys working out with friends and outdoor running when the weather is nice. Zachary also just finished building a custom PC for himself.

Solar Consultant

Fanus is an experienced solar professional and brings 6 years of experience in residential and utility scale solar.

As Lumina’s Solar Consultant, he helps homeowners save money and contribute to a cleaner environment by making the switch to solar energy.

Prior to this role, Fanus was in the roofing and reconstruction industry. He chased all kinds of major storms from hurricanes to tornados, helping people rebuild their homes in a timely fashion.

He enjoys spending time with family, friends, enjoying the outdoors, the beach and grilling.

Sudha Medapati

Business Strategy Analyst

Sudha is passionate about energy transition and is excited to be a part of the process of getting more individuals their solar panels!

As a Business Strategy analyst, Sudha helps build and execute scalable processes to improve efficiency at Lumina.

Prior to this role, Sudha has experience working in Business Development and Marketing for Startups and Corporations alike.

Sudha Medapati graduated from Rutgers University in May 2022 with BA in Economics and a BA in Cognitive Sciences. Sudha is also a Venture for America fellow, a program that aims to increase economic opportunities in emerging cities.

She enjoys spending time in nature, running, learning to cook, and spending time with her friends!

Chris Russ

Solar Consultant

Chris spent 15 + years in the Real Estate industry prior to noticing the incredible opportunities in renewable energy. Recent escalations in geo-political matters and increasingly worse news regarding climate science motivated Chris to transition into the solar industry where he felt he could make a positive difference.

As a solar consultant, Chris is responsible for customer care from contract to installation and monitors all phases keeping his clients apprised of all updates to include permitting, financing, connection, installation and more. Prior to joining Lumina, Chris started his journey as a client. As a trusted resource for vendors, Chris went to great lengths when choosing a company. Chris ultimately chose Lumina due to the superior technology, outstanding reviews, seo, culture and innovation. Bachelors Degree in Marketing Towson University

3rd Round/94th Pick MLB Draft 2000, Chris coaches little league baseball, enjoys hiking, golf and men’s league baseball. He hopes to make it to the 80+ circuit.

Courtney Sollenberger

Solar Consultant

Courtney has a passion for sales and marketing and has specialized in the home improvement industry for the last 7 years of her career. She spent her first decade working as a media consultant for a local CBS affiliate. She assisted the growth of a variety of industries with her digital and television marketing knowledge.

As your Lumina Design Consultant, Courtney will customize the most efficient and aesthetic plan for your home. She enjoys not only being your energy educator but, also your project manager.

Prior to her role, Courtney gained significant experience in the home improvement industry by working for a national window replacement company. Courtney was selected to serve as 1 of the 12 participants on the Marketing Council which represented over 93 affiliates and was nominated for Marketing Manager of the year along with other nominations. She launched several initiatives during the COVID pandemic that not only allowed employees to keep working but benefited local food banks and other organizations.

Courtney holds a BA in Interior Design from West Virginia University with a minor in Communications.

When she isn’t chasing her children around she enjoys traveling with her husband, Eric and hosting friends and family for dinner and theme parties.

Hannah Furman

Marketing Analyst

Hannah is a recent graduate, with her Bachelors in Marketing. Along with her knowledge and experiences in marketing, she brings to the team an excitement and eagerness to work in the solar industry.

As Lumina’s Marketing Analyst, Hannah will be managing marketing efforts and working with the team, experimenting with ways to help more people go solar.

Hannah recently graduated with her Bachelors in Marketing from Queens University of Charlotte. She has had three marketing internships during her time in college, creating and managing marketing strategies while working on small dynamic teams in Charlotte’s startup ecosystem. She is a 2022 Fellow with Venture for America, a non-profit that aimed at increasing opportunities in emerging American cities.

As she is new to the Baltimore area, Hannah has enjoyed exploring all that the city has to offer. In her spare time, she enjoys going to parks and walking trails with her friends and her dog, Butter.

Justin Weismer

Sight Surveyor

Justin is an experienced professional and brings almost a decade of combined experience working in Employee Management, Fortune 35 Marketing, Business Development, Lead Acquisition & Conversion, Customer Service, Consumer Sales, and Civil Service.

As Lumina’s Site Surveyor for the greater Philadelphia region, he has comprehensive and articulate information collection skills and responsibility of gathering details pertaining to, structural, electrical, and geometric data of residential solar projects.

Prior to his current role, Justin gained significant managerial and project landscape surveying experience working as a Supervisor State Ranger for Virginia State Government, Senior Supervisor Ranger for the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, and Park Ranger for Montgomery County Government’s Parks, Trails & Historic Sites System. He has also acquired experience in survey and data collection as a Customer Relationship Management Analyst for Tylenol Professional & Consumer, Zyrtec Professional & Consumer, Neutrogena Professional, Aveeno Professional, Listerine Professional, Lactaid Professional, Johnson’s Baby and JNJPediatrics brands. Additionally, he has done federal civil service for the Department of Commerce, Bureau Of Labor Statistics, and Census Bureau Consumer Expenditure Survey data collection efforts.

Justin holds a COC in Networking and Operating Systems Security from MBIT, he also has a handful of technology certifications such as the NOCTI Computer Systems Networking 8148 Certification, Pennsylvania Department of Education Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications Occupational Skills Certification, SkillsUSA Professional Development Program Professional Degree, and various CompTIA Technical Certifications.

He enjoys spending time at music festivals, trade shows, conferences, and conventions. When the weather permits, going to the park and working on flow arts and poi.

Cory Maccherone

Project Reviewer

Cory Maccherone has been in the solar industry since 2012 experience ranging from installation to installation manager.

He has done project management, installation management, and has been a lead installer in residential and commercial installation.

Cory enjoys spending time with his family and traveling to new destinations.

Wayne Hopkins

Commercial Site Superintendant

Wayne is a commercial site superintendent with 10 years of solar experience working in residential and commercial solar.

As Lumina’s commercial site superintendent , he has comprehensive leadership responsibility for areas including site safety , overseeing commercial projects and installers.

Prior to this current role, Wayne gained experience in the Solar field as a lead installer in both residential and commercial projects for the past 10 years earning his way to become our commercial site superintendent for Lumina.

Wayne was installer of the year in 2019 for Lumina solar.

He enjoys spending time with his wife Colleen and two kids, Travis and Alyssa.

Gaby Jadotte

Business Strategy Analyst

Gaby is very excited to begin her postgrad professional career with Lumina and join the booming solar industry!

As part of the Business Strategy and Operations team, Gaby works to help optimize project processes, increase company efficiency, and improve customer experience.

Prior to this role, she worked in sustainability operations, enterprise data management, and non-profit environmental conservation work. Additionally, Gaby has experienced high-level, strategic decision making as the former student member of her College’s Board of Trustees.

Gaby graduated from Colorado College in May 2022 with a major in International Political Economy. She is 2022 Fellow with Venture for America, a non-profit that aimed at increasing opportunities in emerging American cities.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking around Baltimore, roadtripping or traveling with friends, and trying new foods or adventures!

Kenton Clausen

Commercial Construction Manager

Kenton is a dedicated, hardworking solar professional. He brings over five years of solar experience to Lumina. Kenton has worked on both the residential and commercial sides of the solar industry, bringing a wide range of knowledge to the team.


As Lumina’s Commercial Construction Manager, he strives to improve production, organization, management, and quality to the team. Prior to this role, Kenton accrued years of management experience working for a commercial solar installation company. While in this position, Kenton supervised numerous megawatt systems for some of the largest companies on the East coast.


Kenton has obtained his ACI certification and is PV certified. He enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. When possible, Kenton takes his family down to the beach, spending time in the sun or on the board walk and enjoying pizza from Nicolas.

Eric Corsi

Project Development Manager

Eric is a solar & storage project executive with more than 12+ years’ experience directing development, contract negotiations, engineering and construction activities on a broad range of renewable energy solutions totaling over 100MW throughout the United States.


Over his tenure he has gained vast familiarity with the PJM, ISO-NE, NYISO and California ISO markets which has led to successful delivery of several very complex projects. Mr. Corsi is very fluent in the PV solar ecosystem and possesses a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge accumulated over a successful career.


As Lumina’s Head of Project Development and Management, he leads the C&I team by implementing cross-functional strategic planning to effectively deliver risk mitigated project due diligence and successful on-time implementation on a variety of C&I solar projects throughout a multi-state territory. 


Prior to this role, Eric worked as a C&I solar + storage Project Director for a leading multinational energy services and solutions provider focused on helping customers live sustainably, simply and affordably. He was engaged in all aspects of the project lifecycle from project origination to project close out. 


Eric holds a BA in Finance from Temple University. In his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife Ashely and two daughters, Isabella and Madelyn.

Will McColley

Director of Roofing Services

Will is a seasoned sales management professional with 13 years of experience in commercial and residential roofing and solar. As Lumina’s Director of Roofing, he has comprehensive leadership responsibility for roof marketing, sales and operations efforts to provide business and homeowners a great experience replacing their roof before or after they go solar.


Prior to this role, Will led different teams covering nine states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions to help thousands of people go solar and replace their roof. He holds a BS in Leadership from the University of Delaware and attended Harvard University for a Masters in Management. In his free time, Will enjoys traveling with his girlfriend, running outdoors with his greyhound, spending time with friends and family, volunteering with Volunteering Untapped, and surfing.

Sufi Noor

Solar Consultant

Sufi Noor is a self-motivated and passionate individual. He uses his technical background and knowledge-based approach to his meetings, ensuring that his clients receive custom solar solutions and are well-informed about their projects.


Prior to his current role, Sufi worked as a Software Developer. He decided on a career change and wanted to work for a company with a sustainable and customer-centric focus in their DNA. Sufi came across Lumina as he was looking to install solar panels in his new home. Lumina’s integrity and vision led him to join the team. His problem-solving skills and passion to make a difference for clients and the environment allow him to provide excellent solutions for his clients.


Sufi graduated from Drexel University in 2020 with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, hiking, skydiving, coding, and spending time with family.

Christopher Richardson

Solar Consultant

Christopher is a seasoned solar sales professional and brings wealth of customer service and sales experience to the Lumina Solar team. He is passionate about solar, and excited to be a leader in the renewable energy revolution. Christopher is committed to the very best solar customer experience, from introduction to installation.


In a previous role Christopher helped hundreds of homeowners as a residential loan officer, consistently receiving the five stars for customer service excellence. Receiving a postgraduate degree in Public Health from West Chester University, Christopher is committed to the environmental sciences, focusing on educating and influencing others on the benefits of transitioning to a renewable energy economy.


Living in Chester County, PA with his wife and three active kids, Christopher enjoys volunteering for youth sports and theater. In his spare time, you can find him enjoying the outdoors, hiking, camping, or playing golf.

Pete Hayes

Solar Consultant

Pete brings a high energy level and a willingness to learn to the Pennsylvania Solar Team. As Lumina’s Solar Consultant, he helps homeowners save money and contribute to a cleaner environment by making the switch to solar energy.


Prior to this role, Pete worked in the life insurance industry aiding individuals in getting term and whole life coverage. Licensed in Life Insurance & Fixed Annuities, he helped several people to get insurance coverage; and make sure their final expenses & other related costs were taken care of once the time came.


Pete loves spending time with his dog Gates, plays to an 8 handicap on the links, and is a diehard 76ers fan!

Jack Wood

Solar Consultant

As Lumina’s Solar Consultant, Jack has comprehensive leadership responsibilities with a goal-oriented drive to continue to educate and inform.


Prior to this role, Jack worked for a local solar company where he continuously proved time in and out his understanding and knowledge of the solar industry. He took on a variety of roles and responsibilities at this company and gained extensive knowledge of the entire solar process. He developed into a solar expert and also gained experience as a sales executive where he trained new hires. His mission has always been the same: give his customers the best experience possible.


Jack attended a local university for business marketing before entering the sales management side of things with over 6 years of account management experience. In he’s spare time he loves spending time with his wife, Christine, and dogs, Izzy and Ginger. A soon to be father of a baby boy he takes his free time to get as much golfing in as possible when not with the family.

Phillip Jordan

Team Lead Solar Consultant

Philip is a passionate solar professional with over 5 years’ experience in the commercial and residential space, including volunteer work, management, and sales for both national and local companies. As Lumina’s Solar Consultant in Eastern Pennsylvania, Philip works on the front lines to procure and generate business for Lumina in the region.


Prior this his current role, Philip spent time working in the finance department for a global advertising agency and then worked over 4 years for a private equity firm as a financial associate helping to manage a $6.2B trust portfolio of residential properties. Upon making a transition to the solar industry, he moved up the ranks in 8 months to become the District Manager of a national solar company for 3 years. Phil also won Lumina Solar’s 2021 PA Sales Rep of the Year award!

Philip holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration including a dual-major in Finance and International Business from Suffolk University in Boston, MA. He enjoys traveling, taking adventures in cities across the world, trying new cooking recipes, hiking, camping, and eating at new exotic restaurants with his girlfriend, Laura.

Peter DiGuardia

PA Director of Sales

Peter DiGuardia, Director of PA Sales, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Lumina Team. Since 2015, Peter has led several teams for both National and Regional companies toward converting thousands of customers in DC, New York, Maryland, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania to solar.  More importantly than his expert knowledge in this field, is his ability to connect and commit to the people he serves and the environment he is proud to take part in restoring.

His mission is to inspire and empower those he works with and for. His reason for choosing to represent this industry is to educate the consumer toward making environmentally responsible and financially intelligent decisions around such an important movement.

He believes in the relationships he creates and in providing the best experience possible. Peter lives in Hershey, PA with his  2 boys who are proud to announce when asked what type of work their daddy does; that he is helping to save the environment.  

Rob Takacs

PA Permitting & Inspection Coordinator

Rob is an experienced operations professional that has recently launched a new career in renewable energy with Lumina Solar.
As Lumina Solar’s PA Permitting and Inspection Coordinator, he is responsible to ensure timeliness and accuracy of all residential permitting and staying up to date on all AHJ practices in regards to permits and inspections.

Prior to his current role, Rob spent 17 years in bicycle retail, 14 of which were as manager of a small, independent bicycle dealer north of Allentown, PA.  In this role, he was in charge of marketing, general management, sales manger, and service manager.  He was also spent 7 years as a Trek Precision Fit specialist.
Rob holds a BA in Communication Studies from WVU as well as a Project Management Certificate from Muhlenberg College.

In his spare time, Rob has many hobbies.  Mostly, he is busy with his wife, Lynn, raising their daughter Isabelle. When fathering duties are done, he enjoys cycling, backpacking, jogging, snowboarding, and home repair.  In the summer, he directs a charity road bike ride for the local pediatric cancer foundation.

Andrew Cimino

Solar Consultant

Andrew Cimino is passionate about renewable energy and making a difference for the future. As a solar consultant at Lumina, Andrew dedicates his time and resources to providing the highest level of service to each customer.


Prior to this role Andrew has held a significant position at his family-owned and operated office furniture sales and installation business. He worked his way up to help manage the entire business and worked a variety of roles. He gained experience in everything from daily operations to leading sales and project management. He has also worked in the mortgage industry for multiple years giving him various skill sets.


After graduating from Hereford High School Andrew immediately started working for his family business and attended the Community College of Baltimore County. He graduated with an Associates of Arts degree. Being the youngest of 5 kids, he has always been surrounded by family and friends. He has a deep appreciation for the people around him and living life to the fullest. He loves traveling, golfing, cooking and most importantly making people laugh.

Jojo Cheng

Business Strategy Analyst

As Lumina’s Sales and Operations Coordinator, she serves as the liaison between teams to help optimize project processes, increase rep efficiency, and improve customer experience. Prior to this role, she has experience working in geothermal energy operations, dendrochronology research, and biotechnology patenting. She is thrilled to ride the solar coaster and begin her postgrad professional career with Lumina.


Jojo graduated from Cornell University in May 2021 with a major in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences and minors in International Development and Business. She is 2021 Fellow with Venture for America, a non-profit that aimed at increasing opportunities in emerging American cities. She is off to a fast start since starting at Lumina Solar, winning our 2021 Rising Star Award!


In her spare time, she enjoys getting competitive in different sports leagues, Lime scooting around Baltimore, hosting dinner parties, and pet sitting for her friends and neighbors.

Ali Sanders

Solar Consultant

Ali is an environmentalist passionate about solar, with experience in raising awareness and educating individuals on sustainable renewable energy. As a solar consultant at Lumina, Ali devotes herself to educating and informing with strong communication skills, full transparency and honesty to help provide the best experience for her customers.


Prior to working at Lumina, Ali was an Environmental Educator. She spent most of her days outside and exploring alongside her students. Throughout this experience she gained a deep connection to the environment and a passion to make a positive change on the world. She is motivated to make a difference in not only the environment, but for her customers in their everyday lives.


In 2018, Ali graduated from Washington College with a B.A. in Environmental Studies. Shortly after graduation, Ali moved to Indiana and attended Goshen College where she earned her M.A. in Environmental Education.


She enjoys spending time outside exploring new areas, traveling, and hiking. When Ali is not outside, she enjoys reading, supporting small businesses and spending time with friends.

Kurt Bradshaw

Solar Consultant

As Lumina’s Solar Consultant, Kurt is responsible for helping homeowners make educated decisions regarding solar production, storage, and financial options.


He brings over two decades of technology sales, digital marketing, and customer success experience to Lumina Solar. Kurt values the relationships he continues to build and places a great deal of emphasis on honesty and integrity within this ever changing landscape.


Previously, Kurt worked for a regional solar company, helping hundreds of residents go solar in MD, DE, and PA. Prior to joining the solar industry, Kurt spent over 15 years in the travel/hospitality sector focused on technology advancement with major brands such as Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton.


Kurt holds a BA in Economics from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. A lifelong Marylander, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two very active kids. When not attending his kids’ soccer and lacrosse games, he enjoys boating in Annapolis and exercising his Goldendoodle, Lincoln.

Tom McDonnell

Solar Consultant

Tom is an experienced solar professional, bringing almost a decade of solar experience to Lumina. As Lumina’s Solar Consultant, he will use his thorough knowledge of the process of going solar to assist customers in finding the best solar product for them.
Prior to starting his solar journey, Tom was a military police officer for the US Navy where attention to detail was ingrained in him. That attention to detail has allowed him to deliver an informative, smooth, and easy process when assisting homeowners go solar.
Tom is a family man and enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. He is also an avid martial artist with a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kru in Muay Thai, when he’s not spending time with his family or helping homeowners go solar you can find Tom in the gym training
martial arts.

Ryan Cook

Solar Consultant

Ryan is an experienced solar professional and brings a thorough knowledge of the entire solar process to Lumina. Ryan has been helping people go solar for years and has a deep understanding of any solar-related question you throw his way.


Prior to Lumina, Ryan gained experience in the industry working for a national solar company. Here, Ryan found his passion for helping people and the environment simultaneously. He feels a great sense of accomplishment when each one of his customers turn their solar systems on and loves hearing how well their systems are producing.


Ryan attended Howard Community College and took coursework in graphic design at Miami-Dade College. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family as well as fishing and ice hockey.

Timothy Cooke

Solar Consultant

Tim Cooke is a solar consultant who brings a positive attitude, proactive communication, and an overall great customer experience to the table.

Prior to Lumina, Tim spent 16 years as the COO of a multi-state window film and graphics business. He worked hard to help grow that company to 45+ employees and enjoyed helping people save money, which led him to want to pursue that further by getting into the solar industry.

Tim holds a Six Sigma Global Institute certification and is a member of Vistage Executive Leadership.  Tim is a “Go fast type of guy, and in his free time enjoys being outdoors, and visiting his large family in Texas.

Luisa Yared

Solar Consultant

Luisa is a Brazilian passionate about solar, with experience in residential and commercial solar projects. As a solar consultant at Lumina, she dedicates herself to find the best solution for her customers, always with transparency and honesty.

Prior to joining Lumina, Luisa worked in the solar energy industry for 3 years in Brazil, having the opportunity to work directly with commercial customers to deliver the projects successfully.


Luisa holds a civil engineer degree from PUC-RS, considered one of the best private universities in Brazil. She enjoys traveling and exploring new restaurants with her husband, Renan. In her free time, she likes to FaceTime her family in Brazil and to enjoy outdoor activities with friends.

Alexander Fegley

Solar Consultant

Alexander is a Solar Consultant at Lumina, bringing 6 years of experience in the energy industry to the team. He has extensive knowledge on how solar works and all things related to energy. He started out working in Bulk Power in New York for NYSIO. He began his career in sales for a national solar company and worked there for three years.


Alexander loves making positive change in people’s lives. He genuinely believes in what he does and the vision of Lumina Solar. He takes pride in his installed projects, having installs in Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.


Alexander has a Masters in Energy Systems Engineering at Lehigh University. When he’s not helping people go solar, Alexander has Ravens days and Jeep project days. He loves customizing his car and wiring and building sound systems.

Alex Ticu

Solar Consultant

Alex Ticu is a passionate and enthusiastic solar professional with a strong background in residential and commercial solar sales. Before joining Lumina, Alex spent three years working in the DC and Maryland solar market developing relationships with individual homeowners, developers, and non-profits interested in sustainability.

Alex is a firm believer in setting and obtaining ambitious goals while pursuing areas he believes strongly in. Sustainability, renewables, and solar are part of a higher calling and broader pursuit that drives him. Alex genuinely loves working with homeowners to help them see for themselves what keeps him going every day. His generous, honest, and transparent approach is what built his exceptional reputation in the solar industry. Alex also won Lumina Solar’s 2021 MD Sales Rep of the Year award! In addition, he’s proud to have earned his NABCEP Certification, which furthers his goal of providing excellent service to his customers. 

Alex holds a BS in Social Sciences from Michigan State University, focusing on economics and environmental policy. He enjoys spending his time biking, boxing, and playing with his four-legged best friend, Dolly.

Catie Meck

MD Director of Sales

Catie Meck is an enthusiastic and dedicated solar strategist at Lumina Solar. She is drawn to solar due to her positive nature and ideals, which pair well with Lumina’s mission to drive a simple and enjoyable experience for customers. 


Prior to joining the Lumina Solar team in 2018, Catie gained a diverse skill set from working as an alternative school teacher and also as an insurance risk advisor. Having a deep understanding of what motivates people, she uses this knowledge to expertly match the solar product that is the best fit for her customers. Her wide range of communication skills allows for Catie to facilitate a tailored and pleasurable experience for each of her customers. 


A proud Blue Hen, Catie graduated from the University of Delaware with a BA in Human Development and Family Studies. She enjoys trying new recipes and traveling with her husband, Mike. In her free time, you can find Catie attending Monday night trivia, participating in Baltimore social sports leagues, and spoiling her two kittens, Porsche and Gus. 

Shane Williams

Commercial Solar Consultant

Shane Williams is in charge of Commercial Business Development at Lumina, bringing 10 years of sales experience to the team. He started his career as a restaurant and bar manager and then transitioned into car sales. He also did commercial sales for a motor fuel company. Shane made the decision to switch to Lumina because he wanted to have a positive impact on the environment.

Shane is excited to help people learn about the different ways to go solar. He enjoys introducing people to a new way to save money and benefit the environment. He was particularly drawn to Lumina because of the forward-moving culture and the constantly evolving tasks. He is excited to be a part of a leading-edge company and with bright opportunities for growth.

Outside of work, Shane enjoys spending time with his family. He and his wife have twins who just turned one and a three-year-old son. He also loves the outdoors and staying active through exercise.

Zachary Hare

VP of Residential Sales, Co-founder

Zac Hare is an experienced solar professional with a superior track record in residential and commercial sales. Prior to joining the Lumina team, he spent three years working for two midsized solar companies where he was recognized as a top solar consultant and Team Lead.


Prior to working in solar, Zac spent three years in the mortgage industry which allows him to make the financial aspect of going solar less confusing for the customer. Having worked directly with homeowners since entering the workforce, Zac creates a level of comfortability with his customers that makes for a stress-free and enjoyable solar experience. Hardworking and trustworthy by nature, Zac always goes the extra mile for clients and ensures that they’re provided with the best solar energy solution on the market.


Zac graduated from Washington and Jefferson College where he graduated with a BA in History and Sociology and was a member of the football team. In his free time, he enjoys frequenting Baltimore Orioles games, checking out new restaurants in the city, and hiking on the weekends with his wife, Kelsie, and his black lab, Poe.

Kelly Stelmack

Scheduling Coordinator

Kelly is a client services professional with over 5 years of customer service and management experience. As scheduling coordinator at Lumina Solar, Kelly is one of your first points of contact in your solar journey. She assists potential clients with qualifying residential projects and consultation scheduling.


Prior to her current role, Kelly gained experience with customer relations while in management roles for several local and national retail chains.


She is a Maryland native with a BFA in Graphic Design from UMBC. In her free time reading books on her Kindle, hanging with her Maine Coon cat Leo, and exploring the great local breweries that Maryland has to offer.

Brian Nebzydoski

Solar Consultant

Brian brings 5 years of marketing experience to Lumina’s Marketing Team, helping him provide premium customer service and support.
At Lumina, Brian is the first point of contact for customers interested in a new solar installation in the residential sector. Prior to his current role, Brian has an extensive background in industrial electronics providing high level support as a product specialist. In this role, he gained experience assisting the outside sales team by qualifying opportunities, managing products, and addressing any technical concerns.
Brian holds a BS in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Penn State Altoona. When the weather is warm, Brian likes playing a round of golf and enjoys taking his golden retriever Murphy for long hikes. While in the colder months, Brian heads to the mountains to enjoy downhill skiing.


Mark Donoghue

Marketing Coordinator

Mark is Lumina’s Marketing coordinator. He’s always been interested in Solar and is very excited to learn the ins and outs of the industry from a founding team that’s been doing it for 45+ years.


After graduating with a business degree from Indiana University, Mark will be managing marketing efforts and working with the team to develop new lead sources. He’ll get creative and experiment with ways to help more people go solar.


He has marketing experience in the sports and home improvement industries and is excited to take this experience to the Solar Industry.

Venture For America, a nonprofit fellowship with a mission to place recent college grads in up-and-coming cities, brought Mark back home to Baltimore. He loves playing basketball, traveling, and anything outdoors.

Riley Sullivan

Inside Sales Manager

Riley Sullivan is Lumina Solar’s Inside Sales Manager. In this role, he helps the team improve marketing strategies, streamline the customer acquisition process, and secure new business. Riley is often the first point of contact at Lumina Solar and works hard to ensure that every customer has a top-notch experience with us from the get-go.


Prior to joining the team, Riley worked five and a half years at the nation’s leading commercial real estate research and marketing firm. There he developed his skill sets in marketing strategies, customer service, and market research. He was instrumental in delivering an outstanding client experience. In this research and marketing analyst role, he coordinated closely with the sales team to strengthen customer relationships and build new business.


Riley has a B.S. in Geography and Environmental Planning from Towson University and is a strong supporter of renewable energy and sustainable development.  Having spent time living in Spain and Argentina, Riley is also fluent in Spanish. In his free time, Riley enjoys the outdoors, traveling, community organizing, playing and seeing music, and on occasion can be found swing dancing around Baltimore.

Joe Merritt

Commercial Construction Manager

Joe Merritt is Commercial Construction Manager at Lumina Solar. He hires, trains, and oversees all Commercial field staff. Joe graduated from the electrical program at Pennco Tech Vocational College in 2007 with his electrical certification and awards for outstanding achievement in commercial and residential wiring.


He has been working in the solar industry ever since, with jobs as a commercial electrician, industrial electrician, and construction manager.


Joe has worked with most of the Lumina team for his whole career and is proud of the team chemistry they’ve developed over the years. He enjoys utilizing the lessons he learned from his education and past work experience to improve Lumina’s electrical operations and procedures. He takes tremendous pride in his work and feels accomplished seeing a project through from start to finish. Often working extremely hard behind the scenes, Joe won Lumina Solar’s 2021 Unsung Hero Award!


Outside of work, Joe spends his time with his wife and kids. He enjoys traveling, cooking, and watching Philadelphia sports teams.

Ben Lessig

Commercial Surveyor & Engineer

Ben is a knowledgeable solar professional, bringing together several years of experience in field, management, and design roles to form a well-rounded set of skills in the solar installation industry.


As Lumina’s Commercial Surveyor & Engineer, he is tasked with assessing all potential commercial installation sites and performing detailed investigative surveys to determine the feasibility of adding solar to these sites.  He then takes the information gathered during the surveys and turns it into final engineering design packages that the team uses to apply for construction approvals.


Prior to this role, Ben learned the ins and outs of solar leading an installation crew in Arizona before moving into a design and managerial role for a smaller solar installer in Pennsylvania. He helped grow the company, tripling the field staff, through efficient procedures and training new personnel.


Ben has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University. Outside of work, Ben enjoys playing and writing music with his family, playing board games and video games, and going for long walks with his wife, Sarah, and two dogs, Halpert & Pippin.

Marykate Brown

Commercial Project Coordinator

Marykate is Lumina Solar’s Commercial Project Coordinator! In this role, she submits all documentation from interconnection applications to the various incentive contracts so our customers can sit back and relax during their solar installation process!


After earning a BA degree from St. Mary’s College of Maryland in Environmental Studies and Anthropology, she gained experience at an environmental consulting firm to improve sustainability programs of facilities throughout the northeast region. Her interest in an individual’s environmental practices has now lead her to the solar industry!

When she’s not helping our customers go solar, she enjoys drawing, gardening, and spending time with friends and family. 

Mike Rose

Commercial Project Coordinator

Mike is an experienced Project Coordinator who brings years of project planning to Lumina. He is experienced in both residential and commercial capacities. As Lumina’s Commercial Project Coordinator, he has the responsibility of handling administrative tasks for our team to ensure that our projects run smoothly and efficiently.


Mike joins Lumina after working in the lubricant industry, coordinating deliveries, and facilitating installations of lubricant storage tanks. He decided to make a change and work in the renewable energy industry because he was drawn to the mission and creating a positive impact.


Mike also has his CDL and holds hazmat certifications. He enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and his son. He especially enjoys going to his son’s soccer and lacrosse games

Wayne Hopkins

Commercial Construction Manager

Wayne is a Commercial Site Superintendent with 10 years of solar experience working in residential and commercial solar. As Lumina’s Commercial Site Superintendent, he has comprehensive leadership responsibility for areas including site safety and overseeing commercial projects and installers.


Prior to this current role, Wayne gained experience in the solar field as a Lead Installer in both residential and commercial projects for the past 10 years. His wide range of experience has led him to a leadership role as the Commercial Site Superintendent for Lumina.


Wayne was Lumina Solar’s Installer of the Year in 2019. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Colleen, and two kids, Travis and Alyssa.

Steve Stahl

Director of Commercial Operations

Mr. Stahl’s father has been an electrician since 1975 so naturally, the electrical industry is in his blood. He began his career in the electrical industry at Local Union #24 in 2004 and transitioned to solar in 2013 with Astrum Solar.


Mr. Stahl served as Astrum’s lead electrician before being promoted to electrical design and project management in 2015. In 2017 Steve moved to New Columbia where he supervised all aspects of project execution including superintendent work, construction management, and project management. Steve leads Lumina Solar’s Commercial Operations team and is involved in every stage of the project, from development to construction to post-interconnection.


 Mr. Stahl is NABCEP certified and has been approved for his MD Master electrical license.

Nick Stranges

Commercial Solar Consultant

Nick is a Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sales professional with more than 12 years’ experience in project origination and development. As a passionate solar energy C&I project developer he leads teams and individuals in the assessment of projects with high energy consumption, ultimately advising on how solar energy can benefit their organizations, providing solutions from both a financial and economic perspective.

As part of his years of vast experience working with solar energy and various organizations who have chosen to consider solar energy, Nick has earned valuable project origination experience. This experience has resulted in offering the expertise of the most efficient sales efforts – saving time and money for all parties.


In addition to his work with his internal teams and external partners, Nick has earned and continues to pursue various industry sales certification and coursework completion, including financial business succession planning. His ongoing education and experiences help him to gain better perspectives on the challenges organizations encounter when planning for capital expenditure projects, like solar energy.


When he’s not helping organizations transition to solar energy, Nick is spending time with his wife Amy, son Nicholas, and dog Sparky. He loves sports and exotic sports cars.

Eric Mitchell

Systems Administrator

With 25 years of IT experience, Eric has touched all facets of the computer world. He is excited to be the Systems Administrator for Lumina and hopes his experience will help drive this important field forward.  Eric will be responsible for all IT functions from support desk to IT decision making. 


Prior to his new role, he has worked in the fields of Education, Medicine and Finance working in a variety of IT functions. 


On his time off, Eric supports a local tea shop (Pillion Tea) that he owns with his girlfriend Zena and also enjoys painting, making music and riding motorcycles. 

Mark Manthy

Commercial Solar Consultant

Mark Manthy has over 10 years of combined sales, development, and project management experience within the solar industry.


He has developed and managed complex solar projects in difficult markets including Washington, DC and New York City including the development and installation of the first commercial CREF in Washington, DC.   Mr. Manthy leads Lumina Solar’s commercial solar development and sales efforts, working directly with business owners, non-profits, affordable housing communities, utilities, and local/state/federal governments. In addition to project development, Mark manages closed projects from contract signing to PTO and leads market expansion via incentive, utility, and regulatory analysis.


 Mark began his solar career with MD-based startup Astrum Solar, building it to one of the East Coast’s largest solar installers and acquisition by Centrica (formerly Direct Energy). Mark holds an MBA from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a BS in Marketing from Boston College.

Ryan Farrell

VP of Business Operations, Co-founder

Ryan Farrell brings a diverse managerial skillset to Lumina Solar’s Founding and Management Team that includes proficiencies in contract management, relationship management, and process improvement.


Prior to joining Lumina, Ryan spent four years negotiating high-dollar research and development contracts for a large government agency. During his time with the government, Ryan worked to develop relationships to help bridge gaps between internal needs and external contractor demands. His team-oriented approach and excellent interpersonal communication skills allow him to effectively manage teams of any size. While working in finance for a major U.S. bank, Ryan served as a Director and was responsible for leading the customer relations team. Ryan was integral to implementing a Lean Six Sigma program and achieved the team’s goal of driving efficiencies, removing wasteful redundancies, and increasing overall employee capacity.


Ryan hopes to use his significant quality management and process improvement experience to help Lumina grow in an efficient and sustainable way. Truly passionate about the environment.

Ryan holds a BA in Economics from Johns Hopkins University. He enjoys exploring the local Baltimore food scene with his wife, Lauren, son Ethan, and spending time with his dog and two cats. If the weather is nice and his calendar is free, Ryan can be found working on straightening out his slice on the golf course.

Spencer Brown

Customer Care Representative

Spencer is the Customer Care Representative for the maintenance division, dealing mostly with homeowner contact and project scheduling.

He has worked in project management, and has experience in the roofing division of a home improvement company. New to the industry in April 2021, he is excited to be working in an industry that offers customers clean and efficient alternative options for power.

Spencer has an AA degree in Business Management from Howard Community College. He is an avid musician who plays guitar, ukulele, piano and bass, and also loves sports. A Baltimore native, he is a die hard Ravens fan, and was a season ticket holder for 15 years never missing a game. You could certainly call him a cinephile, as he has always had a love for classic films such as Jaws or The Godfather.

Brian Moss

Maintenance Operations Manager

Mark Hadfield

Senior Account Manager

Mark began his solar career in October of 2018. As Lumina’s Maintenance Coordinator he manages the relationship between the company and their numerous service partners as well as directly working with customers to address their solar servicing needs. He had no prior solar experience but was motivated to join the impactful and thriving renewable energy industry.

Prior to his current role, Mark spent over a decade in the television industry working for the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. At MASN he helped grow the Marketing & Promotions department where he coordinated and executed dozens of Emmy award-winning commercial shoots.

Mark holds a BS in Exercise Science & Sports Studies from Rutgers University. Mark enjoys spending time with his wife, Kirstin, and their twin daughters, Harper and Ellie, whom he hopes to begin coaching in soccer soon. He is an avid fan of the Knicks, Giants, Orioles, Seton Hall Pirates, and Juventus F.C.. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing and brewing beer.

Noah Jacobs

Senior Director of Commercial Field Operations

Noah is a seasoned solar veteran with 12+ years of field/operations management experience. Prior to Lumina Solar, Noah helped to co-found Fusion Solar Services, which was acquired by Lumina in 2019. He now serves as Lumina Solar’s Director of Energy Services & Maintenance.


Noah has leadership responsibility for growing outside partnerships for both residential and commercial. Areas include service contracts, EPC, one off maintenance services and uninstall/reinstall. Prior to this role Noah gained field and management experience by being the first employee for Astrum Solar which he helped start in 2008. Noah has risen through the ranks for the past decade gaining valuable experience starting at the ground floor.


Noah holds a BS in Electronic Media and Film from Towson University. Outside of work Noah likes to spend time with his wife and newborn son. Noah is an avid Baltimore sports fan and enjoys outdoor activities and hiking.

Chris Scheller

Solar Engineer I

Chris is a Solar Engineer who just started out in the Solar industry and enjoys what he has learned so far.


As Lumina’s Solar Engineer, he takes information pertaining to solar systems and creates models and construction documents them. Prior to this role, Chris worked as a Project Engineer for a structural company and managed projects. He also has experience installing electrical work as an electrical helper.


Chris holds a BS in Building Science and Sustainable Design and an AA in Architectural Technology from Pennsylvania College of Technology. He enjoys watching sports, spending time with his wife, Rebecca, and dog, Finn. He also plays softball on weekends, coaches baseball and enjoys spending time outdoors.


Bryan Teodoro

Head of Surveying and Engineering

Bryan Teodoro is a Permit and Inspection Coordinator with over five years of experience in the solar industry. He has conducted over 1,500 physical surveys on residential properties.


Prior to working at Lumina, Bryan worked at Tesla as an Installer and Site Surveyor and was rated one of the Top 5 Surveyors in the nation in terms of volume and 100% accuracy.


Bryan served in the U.S. Air Force as a Civil Engineer where he received comprehensive training in all aspects of building construction, leadership, and attention to detail. Through his time spent serving our country, Bryan learned the importance of leadership and taking care of others. He has a deep passion for delivering exceptional customer service, problem-solving, and pursuing innovation.


Bryan’s interests outside of Lumina include health, fitness, and working on performance cars. He also enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Geena, and daughter, America. 

Leon Copeland III


Leon Copeland III is a highly motivated Solar surveyor, working in residential, commercial, and utility-scale Solar. As a surveyor, he obtains and communicates the necessary project information to the design team for the preparation of permits needed to facilitate the installation of solar photovoltaic systems.


Prior to this role, Leon worked at BWI airport for the Maryland Aviation Administration in the IT Department. He is also a proud honorably discharged veteran of Both the US Army and Marine Corps with whom he earned the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. Additionally, Leon is A+ Certified in IT and has his commercial driver’s license in the State of Maryland.


In his spare time, Leon enjoys traveling, fishing, and learning different cooking methods from the world’s most indigenous people. He is also a certified yoga instructor!

Tom Chamberlain


Thomas is an experienced solar surveyor. Prior to his current role, he installed and maintained solar systems with Lumina for both our residential and commercial teams.


Before coming to Lumina, Tom worked at a machine shop, cutting and manufacturing aluminum parts. He has also done tree work on the weekends.


Tom is OSHA 10 certified and has also completed his fall prevention safety course. He enjoys hunting in the fall and building and running derby cars. He also loves fishing and spending time with his German shepherd.

Elayna Birch-Smith


As Lumina Solar’s Site Surveyor, Elayna is responsible for ensuring that we install solar on quality roofs. She measures and inspects the roof conditions to make sure we are setting our install teams up for success.


She is critical in the design process, as we are only able to complete system designs based off her surveys.

Elayna has great verbal and written communication, a friendly personality, and effective listening skills. She enjoys meeting customers and helping them on their solar journey.


Elayna is currently continuing her college education at DCIA Solar works program. Her busy schedule doesn’t give her much spare time, so spends it sleeping, cuddling with her cats, then sleeping some more.

Tom Pritchard

Commercial Site Safety Coordinator

Tom is a knowledgeable solar professional, bringing valuable experience to the Quality Control & Safety Team. As Lumina’s Quality Control Consultant, he evaluates the best practices of the field staff, and trains/advises on methods to keep employees safe, efficient, and performing high-quality work.


Prior to this role, Tom was a Construction Superintendent. During this experience, he learned the importance of safety and setting members of his team up for success. Tom is both OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certified as well as Hazmat certified.


Outside of work, Tom is a volunteer firefighter. He loves spending time with his family and friends. 

Santo Alimo

Quality Control & Safety Manager

Santo Alimo is the Quality Control and Safety Manager at Lumina. He trains new install teams, evaluates them, and ensures that the installation process goes off without a hitch. He tests new technology and materials and instructs our install teams on how to use new equipment.


Santo is also responsible for reviewing jobs after installation and ensuring that everything was done correctly. He follows up with our customers to ensure that they are happy at project completion.

Santo began his career in the solar industry as an installer and quickly became a lead on his installer team and continued in that role for nine years.


Santo brings a wide range of experience in the solar field to Lumina. He has done commercial, residential, quality control, and maintenance work. We consider Santo to be the best solar installer on the East Coast and his leadership acumen and skillset allow him to effectively mentor younger install teams. Santo is also the winner of Lumina Solar’s 2021 Outstanding Leadership Award!


Santo has worked with most of the current Lumina employees for a while now, which has resulted in great team chemistry and company culture. He enjoys working for a fast-growing company in a fast-growing industry. On his days off, Santo enjoys playing and watching sports and spending time with his wife and kids. He is also a musician who plays the piano, guitar, and drums.

Melissa Damm

Solar Engineer II

Melissa Damm is an experienced solar designer and electrician who brings 3 years of experience designing the electrical layouts for residential systems and 12 years of experience with residential electrical work.


As a part of Lumina’s design team, she is responsible for safe, accurate, reliable, and quality designs for our install crews to work with. As well as making sure the existing electrical equipment is safe and appropriate to tie into.

Prior to this role, she gained significant design experience working for a national solar company and electrical experience working for well-established electrical contractors.

She has obtained an OSHA 10 card and Heart saver First Aid CPR AED Certification. She enjoys spending time with her significant other, daughter, and 2 cats. When it’s nice outside she can be found hiking, fishing, and camping. When confined to the indoors she enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and cooking.

Dan Cramer

Solar Engineer II

Dan Cramer serves as Lumina’s Electrical Reviewer. In this role, Dan oversees all projects to ensure they meet electrical code and are properly designed.


Dan is another one of Lumina’s 10-year solar vets, having got his start in solar in 2010 as an electrician, and then working his way to doing electrical engineering in 2014.

Dan is excited about the future growth of the industry, and his role at Lumina. Dan lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two kids, and in his spare time, he plays hockey and coaches the Pottstown Penguins, a hockey team.

David Brook

Engineering Manager

David Brook is an Energy Engineer with over five years’ experience specializing in the survey, design, and management of solar photovoltaic systems for residential and commercial customers. As Lumina’s Senior Solar Designer and Engineer, David is responsible for the final design and feasibility of all projects prior to installation. 


Prior to joining Lumina, David gained hands-on experience with solar as a site surveyor and system designer for a national leading solar installation company. There, David quickly climbed the ranks to become a Solar Engineer and was soon the go-to person for designing and reviewing projects within the company. With an eye for detail and a tenacity for efficiency, David was able to successfully improve the overall quality and speed of the design and permitting processes. David’s crowning achievement was the smooth and successful installation of two 10MW solar farms. 


David holds a B.S. in Energy Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and is recently married to his wife, Susan. David enjoys learning about the latest consumer gadgets and participating in pub trivia with his friends. 

Jeremiah Geib

Director of Engineering for Commercial Only

Jeremiah Geib is a NABCEP Certified Solar Installer and Master Electrician holding licenses in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. 


A solar industry veteran with over 10 years of experience, Jeremiah co-founded Fusion Solar Services and served as the director of all field operations until the 2019 Lumina acquisition.  


In his current role, Jeremiah is the head of electrical and structural engineering, and also safety and quality control. He has reviewed and designed thousands of projects as well as built solar standards manuals and training videos outlining best practices and incorporating them into actual project implementation. 

Marissa Hayes

Operations Compliance Coordinator

Marissa is an experienced administrative professional and brings over a decade of Administrative Management and Organizational experience.


As Lumina’s Operations Compliance Coordinator, she pays thorough attention to detail while managing responsibility for areas including fleet management and insurance certificate management.


Prior to her current role, Marissa acquired significant account management experience working as an Accounts Payable Coordinator for a leading fashion brand corporation. With Marissa’s assistance the Finance team effectively executed 40+ expense accounts spanning across all 50 states including Hawaii.


She enjoys spending time with her family. In her solo time, she also enjoys reading, creating new tie-dye patterns and crocheting blankets for friends.

Ola Carew

Permit Coordinator

Olajumoke (Ola) Carew- Saddler is an experienced project management specialist with experience in several home improvement fields. She gained the majority of her professional skills and knowledge working at Home Depot and several home improvement companies throughout Maryland.


As Lumina’s permit coordinator, She is responsible for applying for all solar permits prior to projects beginning and completing final inspections once the job has been installed.


Olajumoke gained over 12 years of experience working in home improvement management ranging from windows to generator installation. She holds a BA in Sociology & Africana Studies from Gettysburg College.


She enjoys spending time with her Wife, Dana and Daughter, Trinity. She a certified DIYer who enjoys creating body scrubs, oils , floral arrangements and painting. She is a lifelong learner who recently learned about mycelium and its role in improving the environment. Going to concerts is one of her favorite pastimes.

Miranda Howard

Project Administrator

Miranda is an experienced customer service representative with a knack for helping customers through the solar installation process.


As a Project Administrator she is responsible for all aspects of scheduling residential solar installations and inspections. Prior to joining the Lumina team, she worked in the operations field for a smaller scale Maryland solar company.


When Miranda isn’t walking customers through the installation process, she is spending time with her husband Nathan, their daughter Keira, and her cats Purl & Lilly and dog, Remus. An avid hiker, traveler, she’s bound to be outdoors in pursuit of the simpler things in life.

Brooke Adolfo

Operations Administration Manager

Brooke is an experienced sustainability consultant and is eager to enhance her role in the renewable energy industry. As Lumina’s Project Administrator, she leads Maryland interconnections and solar financial incentives.

Prior to her current role, Brooke gained experience working for an Environmental Consulting firm in the Baltimore/D.C. area to improve sustainable programs within healthcare facilities.

Brooke holds a BS in Biology from Mount St. Mary’s University with a focus in Environmental Science and Psychology. When she’s not helping her customers go solar, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, and DIY projects.

Caitlin Zimmerman

Operations Scheduler

Caitlin is an experienced solar professional with over 6 years of residential and commercial experience. She enjoys providing an excellent customer experience while coordinating your solar installation.


As Lumina’s Operations scheduler, she is responsible for coordinating customers’ solar installations and scheduling additional maintenance service. She also assists with synchronizing inspections and works with the utility companies regarding any electrical upgrades needed.


Prior to this role, Caitlin has over 12 years of experience within the customer service field and 6 years within the solar industry. She is efficient with synchronizing schedules between the customers and installation teams


Caitlin has a BS in Mass Commutations from Towson University. In her spare time, you can find her spending her time with her husband, Chris, daughter Madison and her dog Miley. Currently, she is expecting her second child in May 2022. If the weather is nice, Caitlin either takes a walk or heads to the beach.

Dan Winkler

Project Manager

Dan is Lumina Solar’s Palm, PA warehouse coordinator and brings experience from multiple trades to ensures jobs are logistically ready prior to the install. As Lumina Solar’s Palm warehouse coordinator, he maintains the flow of materials and documentation to ensure that jobs are ready to ship out the door.


Prior to Lumina, Dan was a non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps, a crew chief for United States Army, and was also a field Technician (8 years) for the fuel and gas Industry before he decided to go green and join the solar takeover.


Dan currently maintains a OSHA 30hr Certification, a CDL B commercial driver’s license, and a Cisco A+ Net+ Certification. He like to spend his free time flying planes, hiking, and camping and enjoying all the outdoors has to offer.

Mark Walker

Senior Project Manager

Mark brings a range of experience to Lumina solar, with 9 + years of experience in solar, and commercial and residential roofing. He’s a passionate and willing member of the team and excited to offer his best to Lumina and its customers. 


Having held several positions within the solar and roofing industry, his experience ranges from Human Services, Roofing Business Owner, Solar Installer, Solar Project Manager, Solar Quality Control Foreman, and more. With integrity as his guide and attention to detail his goal, he currently serves as Lumina Solar’s Senior Site Surveyor. Mark loves meeting and serving new customers and training new employees.  


Mark is a Theology major, holding his Bachelor of Science from Davis College. Mark enjoys spending his free time with his wife Ariann, kids, church, and friends. 

Aaron Williams

Permitting Manager

Aaron Williams has been in the solar industry since 2008. He has done it all – surveys, installs, designs, permits, and all other documentation necessary to complete a solar project. At Lumina, Aaron serves as the Project Review Coordinator and is responsible for reviewing design plans and obtaining permits. 


Aaron began his career as an installer and quickly began taking on a wide range of roles. His project management experience allows him to effectively manage all of the moving parts and communicate with the proper stakeholders at each stage of the project. He also has extensive experience handling interconnections, grants, and Maryland Energy Administration paperwork.


Outside of solar, Aaron has also worked trade shows as a carpenter. He enjoys wildlife and is a talented nature photographer.

Drew Bianco

Director of MD Field Operations

Drew is a seasoned solar installation professional with 8 years of experience and over a decade in the construction field. As Maryland’s Field Operations Manager, he provides leadership and technical expertise as support for the installation teams and electricians. Drew is responsible for driving the efficiency and quality of PV installations and residential electrical operations.

Prior to his current role at Lumina, Drew was Lumina’s lead electrician. He also worked for national solar installation companies in various positions from crew foreman to lead battery technician. Drew specialized in PV system installation with battery backup. He has installed over 400 battery backup systems, totaling over 10 megawatts of residential and commercial photovoltaic systems. Drew is a Certified Tesla Powerwall installer and a Certified Enphase storage installer. He always goes above and beyond in his day-to-day work, earning him Lumina Solar’s 2021 Employee of the Year Award!

Outside of work, Drew enjoys spending time with his wife Krystal, son Jacob, and dogs Sydney and Archie. He likes riding ATVs, hiking, playing basketball, and cooking.

Caroline Grant

Project Administrator

Caroline is a newcomer to the solar industry, bringing her strong background of analytical skills to streamline residential projects.


As Lumina’s Project Administrator she steers Maryland and DC’s residential projects, managing interconnections with the utility, HOA coordination, and financial incentives.


Prior to her current role, Caroline gained experience in the STEM field working as an undergraduate researcher under Dr. Heinz-Bernd Schuttler modeling the kinetics of microbacteria colony aggregation. Mesmerized by the intersection of art and physics, she also conducted a project aimed to visually portray and communicate the phenomenon of Moire patterns as derived from Dr. Yohannes Abate’s nanomaterials research with black phosphorus.


Caroline holds a BS in Physics and a minor in Studio Art from the University of Georgia. She enjoys seeing the world with her partner, playing with their two kittens, Sprite and Jazz, reading and painting.

Brian Benkert

Warehouse Coordinator

As Lumina’s Warehouse Coordinator, Brian helps keep our warehouse organized and makes sure our inventory is stocked. He ensures our install crews have the necessary materials for their jobs and sets them up for success.


Throughout his career, Brian has worked in several fields. His most notable experience was his role as a Warehouse Supervisor and Field Manager for a Maryland Utility Contractor. Navigating the ins and outs of these operations helped Brian achieve a diverse working knowledge of good business practice. Utilizing this experience, he hopes to promote positive growth and warehouse efficiency for Lumina Solar.


In his free time, Brian likes to fish, mountain bike, and enjoy the outdoors.

Nicholas Rehak

Warehouse Manager

Nicholas has played a variety of warehouse management roles over the past couple of years, quickly learning and honing his craft.


Although he’s spent most of his career in Baltimore, he also spent time in New Orleans working for the St. Bernard Project, a non-profit disaster relief organization. While working for the St. Bernard Project, Nicholas was able to collaborate with successful companies like Toyota, Home Depot, and UPS, further strengthening his expertise in supply chain and logistics management.


Nicholas is excited to join the Lumina team, where he’ll be able to continually challenge himself and gain valuable hands-on experience. When not working, he enjoys spending his time at the movies, collecting records, and watching movies at home with his fiancée and cat. Although he’s an admitted homebody, Nick and his fiancée have recently taken up hiking and look forward to experiencing all of the local trails Maryland has to offer. 

Erika Murray

Director of Internal Operations

Erika Murray works closely with our customers to schedule their solar panel installations and inspections, ensure all systems are working properly, and provide great customer service. As the Operations Administrative Manager, she also oversees the interconnection and incentive application process to keep project timelines as short as possible.


Prior to accepting this position, she obtained her Master of Science in Sustainable Energy from Eastern Illinois University after completing her Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science and Technology from James Madison University. Having had multiple internship experiences in various energy-related industries, Erika knew she wanted to establish herself in the solar business.


She enjoys helping customers save money on energy all while saving the environment too. In her free time, she can be found exploring Baltimore or going on a hike.

Cory Hay

Senior Field Ops Manager

Cory Hay is the Installation Manager for Lumina Solar’s Pennsylvania branch. He started his career with an electrical background and transitioned into the solar industry in 2010. Over the last ten years, he has experience with the entire installation process of a solar system working on residential and commercial projects. Along with his experience, Cory’s knack for leadership made him a perfect fit for a management role at Lumina Solar.


As Lumina’s Installation Manager in Pennsylvania, Cory is responsible for the installation teams’ success. He ensures that production is running smoothly and that we are constantly improving our processes. Our main goal is to perform quality work, and Cory ensures that all of our standards for quality, safety, and efficiency are met.


Outside of work, Cory loves spending time outdoors with his wife, Amanda, and kids, Jett & Link. He enjoys riding dirt bikes and learning about nature.

Dustin Hamann

MD Operations Manager

Dustin Hamman serves as Lumina’s Maryland Install Manager and has been in the solar industry since 2011. He began his career as an installer and quickly worked his way up to Operations Manager at a national solar company prior to joining the Lumina team. As Lumina’s Install Manager, Dustin is responsible for managing the hiring, training, and oversight of all installers.


Dustin’s experience gives him a unique insight into the entire installation process. Having been in the solar industry for almost a decade, he knows all of the ins and outs of what it takes to properly manage a company’s install flow. He enjoys the team atmosphere at Lumina and is passionate about working for a company that is making a difference. As Install Manager, he enjoys having the opportunity to help others shape and advance their careers.


Outside of work, Dustin can either be seen riding motorcycles or anything with a board – surfing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter, with skating in the mix as well. He is an avid traveler and is looking forward to his trip to Spain later this year.

Erin (Kelly) McGaunn

VP of Residential Operations

Erin McGaunn is an experienced solar operation professional and brings almost a decade of Solar experience working in residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar. As Lumina’s Director of Operations, she has comprehensive leadership responsibility for areas including EPC, quality and reliability, supply chain, and product management.


Prior to her current role, Erin gained significant managerial experience working for a national solar installation company. Under Erin’s leadership, the operations teams were efficiently and effectively installing 55+ projects monthly, becoming the company’s best operations department.


She enjoys spending time with her husband, Justin, and dog, Cooper. If the weather is nice, Erin is out exploring the many hiking trails in the region. She holds a BS in Environmental Management from UMGC and an AA in Restaurant Management from BIC. 

Daniel Vance

Staff Accountant

Daniel is a recent college grad who is very grateful to have entered the exciting world of solar! As one of Lumina’s Staff Accountants, Daniel documents and categorizes the several dozen financial transactions that Lumina experiences every day, performs large-scale data entry, and prepares numerous reports and reconciliations, which allows for the detection and correction of any discrepancies.


Prior to this role, Daniel spent several years working in retail, both as a stocker and a manager, and drove hundreds of thousands of miles in tractor-trailers. These experiences allowed him to master customer service, analytical thinking, and attention to detail, which have all proved crucial to his current duties.


Daniel holds a BBA in Accounting from James Madison University, located in Harrisonburg, Virginia.


He is infatuated with books, puzzles, model kits, and games of all sorts. He also loves to watch baseball, movies, and tv shows; always with his cat close by.

Daniel Jones

Staff Accountant

Daniel is Lumina Solar’s Staff Accountant. He is responsible for various financial activities within Lumina Solar. He oversees day-to-day bookkeeping as well as inventory and accounts payable to ensure that Lumina is a financially well-oiled machine.


Prior to his role at Lumina, Daniel spent 10 years in the restaurant business working in every imaginable position. His vast customer service experience has enabled him to become a vital team member capable of coordinating with other departments and Lumina customers alike.


Daniel holds a BS in Accounting from Towson University. He enjoys watching sports, particularly the Steelers and Lakers. He is passionate about movies and watches hundreds of movies annually alongside his four dogs.

Santosh Roudel

Senior Accountant

As Staff Accountant, Santosh is responsible for recordkeeping and assisting the VP of Finance. His goal is to ensure that Lumina complies with all the accounting standards in recording and reporting; and accomplishes both short-term and long-term financial strategies.


Prior to this role, Santosh worked as a manager in a leading food service business. His leadership at the business was significant in creating and managing teams in the business offering best service to its customers.

Santosh holds MS in Accounting and Finance from UMGC.  He likes spending time with his family and hiking in free time.

Nhi Nguyen

Director of Finance

Nhi Nguyen serves as a Lumina’s Staff Accountant. In her current role, Nhi is responsible for recordkeeping and assisting the Director of Finance. Her goal is to ensure that Lumina accomplishes both short-term and long-term financial strategies. 


Nhi started her accounting career at an engineering firm where she was responsible for project billing and records management.


Nhi graduated with a BS degree from the Danang University of Economics in Vietnam and is currently seeking her Master of Accounting and Business Advisory Services at Towson University. She will graduate in December 2020 with her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. 


Nhi is a travel enthusiast and loves taking on new challenges.

Summer Stewart

Recruiting Coordinator

Summer is an extroverted recruiter looking to create connections between people and welcoming spaces for everyone. As Lumina’s recruiter, she is the first contact for all employees in the hiring and recruitment process, focusing on talent acquisition and the vetting process so that we can be a company full of the top talent! She is responsible for sourcing, screening, and passing along to hiring managers the right people for the right roles.


Prior to this role, Summer worked in HR for international non-profits and humanitarian organizations as a recruiting coordinator.

Summer holds a BA in International Studies, Development Studies from The Ohio State (Go Bucks!) and an MA in Intercultural Studies.


She is a travel fanatic, having visited over 25 countries. She also loves to ride her motorcycle, check out the best restaurants and coffee shops in town, and read a good book.

Jessica Diday

Director of Human Resources

Jessica Diday is a human resource professional with over 15 years of experience supporting government contracting, nonprofits, and the private sector. Jessica was provided the benefit of hybrid roles where she obtained experience in HR policy, recruiting, marketing, business development, and BPI/BPR facilitation. Diversity and inclusion are important to her and she supports organizations that understand the importance of maintaining those best practices.

As Lumina’s Human Resources Director, she is responsible for assisting the executive team with creating and updating policies, managing all processes related to recruiting, offer letters, pre-hire vetting, new hire onboarding, health care enrollment, employee engagement, 401k transition, surveys, termination, and state compliance reporting.

Prior to this role, Jessica was an independent HR SME consulting for government contractors who needed to develop internal HR documentation in order to mitigate risk and create more efficient processes.

Jessica enjoys photography, hiking, gardening, and writing children’s stories in her free time.

Yasi Jiang

VP of Finance

Yasi Jiang works as Lumina’s VP of Finance.  In this role, she manages financial planning, risk management, record-keeping, and financial reporting in order to ensure long term sustainability and company profitability. 


Previously Ms. Jiang worked at the Royal Bank of Canada, where she focused on tax accounting and optimization for the firm’s US operations. Earlier in her career, Ms. Jiang was at Baker Tilly, where she specialized in tax compliance and planning work for clients in the technology, retail, and financial services sectors. 

Ms. Jiang graduated with a BS degree from the University of Pittsburgh and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She is an avid golfer and was part of the women’s golf league in Zhuzhou, China. 

Joe Rice

VP of Commercial Operations

Joe Rice is a seasoned solar veteran with over 10+ years of operational management experience.  Prior to Lumina, Joe co-founded Fusion Solar Services, which was acquired by Lumina in 2019, and he now serves as Lumina Solar’s VP of Operations and member of the Board of Directors.


Joe Rice’s solar resume includes project management, incentives management, and operational leadership. Leading Lumina’s operations team, Joe is responsible for developing Lumina’s operational strategies while managing overall project execution and quality.


Joe has a deep background in construction and contracting having operated a commercial contracting firm for over 15 years. Prior to contracting, Joe spent 16 years in the technology industry working for several Fortune 100 companies.

Colin Gload

Chief Revenue Officer, Co-founder

Colin Gload is a successful, results-driven manager with ten years of professional experience in sales, operations, and strategy. He is a self-motivated change agent who values service to the customer, a strong work ethic, and new challenges.


Before Lumina, Colin successfully developed a residential solar company and was key in establishing marketing approaches, innovative financing channels, and budgeting. From there he worked for a national solar installation company, increasing his solar expertise by becoming the #1 solar consultant in the nation. Colin was able to work alongside company leadership to implement best practices for employee training, customer experience, and service.  To recognize his success, Colin was awarded the Maryland MVP and Rising Star awards and was later inducted into the company’s prestigious President’s Club. Colin is excited to leverage this past experience to implement lean and efficient processes for Lumina to maximize the overall customer experience. 


Colin holds a BA in Economics and Environmental Studies from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and has also received a NABCEP Technical Sales Certification. He is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys paddle boarding, kite surfing, traveling, and catching some rays at the beach with his wife, Brittany, their son Brody, and dog Penny. 

Mike Kirby

CEO, Co-Founder

Mike Kirby is a seasoned solar strategist with over ten years of industry experience encompassing leadership roles in both operations and sales. As Lumina Solar’s President, Mike understands the importance of delivering unparalleled value to customers. 


Prior to his current role, Mike gained significant managerial experience working for a national solar installation company, establishing himself as one of the company’s top representatives before eventually managing the entire MD/DC region. Under Mike’s leadership, his team quickly became the organization’s top-performing territory. 

Recognizing that solar is the way of the future, Mike became motivated to better serve and deliver more value to customers. With this in mind, Mike helped assemble Lumina Solar’s Founding and Management Team in early 2018.  With 45 years of combined experience, Lumina’s Founding and Management Team aims to build the next generation solar company that will deliver cutting-edge energy solutions and provide unprecedented value to the customer. 

Mike holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Delaware. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his wife Sarah, hanging with their sons Benny, and newborn Joseph.