Community Solar Installers in DC

The accessibility of clean energy is crucial to helping reduce our collective carbon footprint. With a practice called community solar, multiple individuals, businesses, and organizations can come together to share a solar panel system and take advantage of clean and renewable solar energy.  As the top solar installers in DC, Lumina Solar is here to show you the way toward community solar.

What Are Community Solar Projects?

Community solar is a form of shared solar energy that is used by multiple households, businesses, or organizations. Instead of having an individual rooftop solar system installed at your home, community solar allows you to pay a monthly subscription or for partial ownership of the shared solar panel system to power your home using solar energy. This option helps to avoid maintenance issues. It makes converting your home to solar more affordable and easy to implement. There are two different types of community solar. A subscription-based model where homeowners pay for their solar energy with a low monthly bill. The other form is ownership based, where the participants buy into the project and own a portion of the community solar system.

Where Does Community Solar Benefit?

Community solar is highly beneficial to a broad range of different applications including multiple businesses, apartment complexes, townhome developments, and both city and residential neighborhoods. Using community solar in places like these allows a large group of people to power their homes with solar energy, greatly reducing both their cost of energy and the communities overall carbon footprint. If these homes would be otherwise unable to install solar on their roofs, community solar would allow them to gain access to solar. Additionally, the community would enjoy its own energy independence and would avoid power outages when the local utility company experiences a blackout. Solar installers in DC understand the importance of moving large groups of residences away from fossil fuels and instead, use community solar to greatly reduce the negative impacts on the environment.

How to Petition For Community Solar

To install community solar in your neighborhood, it is important to get your neighbors to understand the benefits of going solar. To get a homeowners association or development owner onboard, a petition is usually required to show that the majority of the residents are for converting the community to solar energy. To start a petition for community solar, begin talking to your neighbors and inform them about how solar reduces energy costs, lowers the communities carbon footprint, and stimulates local economic development. Solar installers in DC are also available to assist in the process of petitioning for community solar or contacting the relevant authority for approval. Sometimes, local municipalities will have certain laws or regulations that must be followed or addressed and often, these same governmental institutions will aid in the community solar project development. Contacting local solar installers in DC will help to answer your questions and provide assistance in moving through the process of powering your neighborhood with a community solar system.

Professional Solar Installers in DC

If you are interested in giving your community the opportunity to access clean and renewable solar energy, Lumina Solar is here to help. As professional solar installers in DC, our team is eager to make community solar a reality for you. Whether you are in a suburban neighborhood, business complex, or urban environment, we will proficiently guide the process and assist in implementing a professional community solar installation. Call or contact us to get in touch with one of our solar representatives to find out how you can access community solar and begin your process today.

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