Lumina Goes Above & Beyond: 3 Ways We Make Going Solar Easier Than Ever

Lumina Goes Above & Beyond: 3 Ways We Make Going Solar Easier Than Ever

At this point, it probably goes without saying that not all solar energy companies are created equal. Some are just in the business to profit on the increased demand, and there are those (like us) who are genuinely passionate about all of the benefits that solar panels have to offer – and not just for humans, but for the environment too!

Lumina Team

Because we are so passionate about solar energy, we’ve made it our goal to make solar panel installation as accessible as possible. We want everybody to be able to see for themselves just how awesome and easy it can be to utilize green energy.

In this post, we’ll fill you in on 3 ways that we go above and beyond to make the process simple and affordable.

1. Permits and Paperwork? We’ve Got It Covered!

When you make the switch to solar energy, normally you’ll need to do some paperwork and obtain the proper permits. This part of the process is often the most frustrating and drawn out part of making the switch.

We recognized this and decided to take the burden away from those who choose us as their installer. We are actively involved with our community and have connections within the industry that allow the process to move along quickly without the hangups you might have when working on your own.

If you’re completing your installation in the spring or summer when the approval time on permits tends to drag on the most, you’ll save a ton of time by having us handle your project.

2. Payment Solutions for All Situations

Not everyone can afford to purchase their solar panels outright. This is why we’ve worked tirelessly to keep our panels accessible. We offer 3 different payment options all meant to suit the needs of people in various situations:

  • Solar purchase
  • Solar loan
  • Solar PPA

You can still purchase your panels outright if you have the means to do so, but in the event that you don’t, we offer flexible payment plans! If you choose to go on a payment plan, you’ll end up owning your equipment in the end.

In addition, there is also the Solar PPA option which is great for people who want to experience lower utility costs (among other benefits) but do not necessarily want to actually own the equipment.

3. Our Customers Get a Cost & Benefit Analysis

We want everyone who works with us to go into their investment having a complete and thorough understanding of what to expect.

Our cost and benefit analysis allows those who work with us to make educated choices about their energy usage and to go into their decision with the information that they need.

This is free and comes at no extra cost!

These three things that we do to ensure a quality installation experience are really just the beginning. We work with all of our customers on a one-on-one level and ensure that each installation receives 100% of our energy and effort.

Still unsure about whether or not solar energy is the right choice for you? We recommend that you check out our FAQ guide! It’s chock-full of incredibly useful information that will give you a more thorough understanding of how solar energy works. Or just reach out to us today with any question you may have about going solar. 

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