Bundle and Save $500

On Your New Roof + Solar System

Bundle and Save with Solar

Going solar requires a sturdy roof that is capable of supporting the system. Over time, roofs wear down, and eventually, a full replacement becomes necessary. A damaged or worn-down roof is not equipped to support a solar panel system. That’s why we’re helping you save by bundling your projects.

Right now, you can receive $500 off a new roof when combining the replacement with a solar installation project. Click below to learn more!

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Save Now, and Save Over Time

Solar is an investment in the future, both for our planet and of your financial health going forward. The lifetime savings of solar means making the switch is a no-brainer for forward thinkers. Check out how you can save below. 

Avg. lifetime savings over 25 years (10 kW)


Avg. payback period

7.5 years

Avg. cost without tax credit
(5-10 kW) text


Avg. cost with tax credit 
(5-10 kW) text


Brands You Can Trust

Industry-leading durability and efficiency backed by an empowering 25-year warranty. 

Monitor the health and production of your system thanks to advanced inverters and an easy-to-use app. 

A Dedicated Team

Our team makes the process of going solar a breeze. Service matters to us. We understand that going solar comes with complexities, that’s why our Solar Consultants work to address of all your questions throughout every step of the process. 

When you choose Lumina Solar for your solar installation, maintenance, and roofing needs, you get one team all in-house. No subcontractors, no extra complications. 

NABCEP Certified Team

Lumina Solar is one of only nine solar installation companies in the country with full NABCEP accreditation for our entire team.. That means we hold ourselves to a higher standard when we work for you. 

Make the Switch to Renewable Energy

Begin your solar journey on the right foot. Learn more about the process of transitioning to clean energy, as well as why customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic choose Lumina Solar for their solar installation projects. 

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