Will I Really Save Money on My Electric Bill by Going Green?

It’s pretty awesome that when you install solar panels, you’re doing a big part to help the environment and combat climate change. But, let’s be real. We know that for many people, the number one motivator in a solar panel investment is the potential return on that investment. That is, everyone wants to save money […]

How Do Green Energy Modifications Affect My Homeowners Insurance?

One of the biggest reasons that home and business owners choose to invest in solar panels is to save money on their electric bills. And that’s probably why you’re thinking of investing in going solar. But, you might have concerns about how this could affect your homeowner’s insurance. It’s important to note that if you’re […]

How Does Going Green Affect My Maryland Home’s Value?

Are you considering having a solar panel system installed on your home? One of the things you might be wondering is how it will affect your home value. After all, a solar panel installation is a big investment that can save you money on your energy bill (and help the environment too!).

Are Solar Panels Getting Less Expensive?

When a new type of technology first hits the market, it’s usually pretty costly. However, shortly after the initial release, the price typically begins to drop. There are a few reasons for this. But, the main reason is that when new technology grows in popularity, more companies start to produce it and the supply begins […]

4 Benefits of Renewable/Green Energy

The world of renewable energy has become more accessible than ever before. Thanks to all of the research that has been done, manufacturers have been able to cut production costs significantly. This has made solar panels considerably more affordable than they’ve been in the past.

Will Solar Panels Offset My High Summer Electric Bills?

For many property owners, summer is one of the times of the year when they notice the biggest spike in their electric bill. This is especially true in locations that have a 4-season climate where people tend to switch over from using their heat to their air conditioning. In warmer climates where property owners are […]

Going Solar: Which Investment Option Is Right for Me?

Today, we’ll help you make sense of the three purchase and/or payment options for solar panels that are standard across the industry. And we’ll find which one would be the best choice for your home or business.

No Cost Solar Program? How Much Do Solar Panel Systems Cost?

Without a doubt, every single home improvement project is weighed with a variety of considerations – and one of the biggest is “how much will this cost?” That’s because – unfortunately – most of us aren’t so flush with cash that we can take on large projects without consulting our bank accounts. But, what about […]

Will I Get A Rebate For My Solar Panels?

Let’s be real. Most people that are looking to go solar think about the financial benefits and incentives. These incentives consist of various federal and state rebates and credits. And although they are definitely enticing, they can also be a little confusing. Here are some common questions we get: Will I get a tax credit? […]