What You Need To Know About Winter Solar Maintenance

At Lumina, our services go beyond installation. We’re attuned to the specific challenges that homeowners with solar systems may encounter during the colder months. Our sister company, Fusion Solar Services, has identified key concerns from homeowners and crafted proactive approaches to ensure optimal solar performance during the colder months. Explore these solutions designed to address […]

Green Energy News Round Up Fall 2023

As the world gradually shifts towards embracing renewable energy sources, news stories from across the globe emerge as significant milestones in the battle against climate change. This compilation of progress towards a sustainable future serves as both inspiration and valuable insights into addressing the energy crisis effectively. By exploring how individuals and nations worldwide are […]

Choosing the Right Solar Installer in Maryland

With solar energy being an investment that will continue to benefit you year after year, choosing the right solar installers is crucial to ensuring that your solar panels reach their expected lifespan and maintain their optimal energy output. Finding a solar installer that retains your best interests throughout the entire process does not need to […]

5 Advantages of Commercial Solar Installation in Montgomery County

Running a business requires a lot more than just providing the service or product that you are selling. It requires having all of the supporting factors such as accounting, internal software, a commercial building, and energy to power it all. When it comes to operating a commercial business, the energy demands can be immense, depending […]

Maryland SRECs: Pricing and Solar Alternative Compliance Payments

Converting your home or business to solar energy comes with a variety of benefits, from monthly energy savings to reducing your carbon footprint. But, did you know that you can also earn income from the extra electricity that your solar panel system produces? With Maryland SRECs, you can currently make $77 per extra megawatt hour […]

How Are Solar Panels Affected by Adverse Weather?

Hurricane Ian touched down throughout the US south at the end of September, hitting communities across Puerto Rica, Florida, and more. The hurricane wreaked havoc across the region, causing millions of dollars in damage. As the hurricane season continues, more storms are possible. With aggressive adverse weather on the news, you may be wondering how […]

Is Fall the Right Time for Solar Panel Installation in Frederick MD?

There is never a “bad” time to make the switch to solar energy, however, deciding to get solar panel installation in Frederick MD during the fall season has its own set of positive attributes. There is a common misconception that the winter months will not produce an adequate amount of energy to power their home. […]

Learning Solar Terms with Lumina Solar

The world of modern green energy technology continues to rapidly advance and become more complex with every added feat of progression. Keeping up with our technological advancements increasingly requires specialized knowledge to properly understand. For those not specifically educated in the field of solar panel electronics, gaining insight into your solar system’s basic inner workings […]

How Does Weather Affect Solar Panels in York PA?

It comes as no surprise that weather can have an effect on a photovoltaic solar panel system. What most people don’t know is how durable solar panels are in withstanding even the harshest weather and their ability to continue generating electricity even in adverse weather conditions. While poor weather conditions can affect efficiency, only in […]

Green Energy News Round-Up

The global calling for a collective transition away from fossil fuels and towards clean and renewable energy has continuously grown, especially over the past few years. It is increasingly obvious that our expansive use of fossil fuels cannot continue and we must collectively make efforts to change our source of energy. Recently, world events have […]

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